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I still wanna strangle the psychiatrist for not listening to me during Nichole's last visit about the need for a medication tweak. :grrr:

Now Nichole is barely keeping it together. With college having just started and the funeral..... It hasn't been too peachy around here.

Nichole admitted to going off the deep end the other night with b/f. I noticed a new cutting spot on her arm. Actually noticed it by the fact she was suddenly wearing a sweatshirt in almost 90 degrees. This time she came to me saying she really really needs a medication tweak.

I told her she needs to contact psychiatrist in the morning. Or try to at least get her nurse. Since ours is Mental Health getting the psychiatrist between appoints is almost impossible. Nichole's next appoint isn't until Sept. and she won't be able to make it that long.

I see her trying to hold it together, I can see the struggle.

I guess it's something that she is also seeing it for herself.

I just hope we can get her into the psychiatrist before she spirals completely out of control. :rolleyes:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #003333"> oh, lisa, i'm so sorry to hear this. hope she can get with-psychiatric nurse ASAP. poor kid.

how does she do with-aubrey when she gets like this???

keeping you guys in my thoughts.

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Nichole has always handed the baby off to b/f or another family member when she feels out of control. So far even when she's been reluctant to do so I've been able to tell her she's upsetting the baby and she'll let someone take over.

Just really ticks me off that all of this could've been avoided if stupid psychiatrist would've just listened.


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I hope you can get this resolved quickly. Is there an emergency line you can call?



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That's just awful, Lisa. If she saw him recently, I hope he'll prescribe something from a phone call. Shame on him.



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I work at an outpatient mental health facility and I know we have a crisis line that can be called, then a doctor would be contacted if needed. Is there one you can call?

Good for her recognizing that she needs a little tweaking.