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    Have any of you gotten the emails about bar codes showing country of origin for products? I got 4 of them from separate sources this weekend alone. It seems to be the latest of this type of group/spam email being sent around.

    The emails claim that you can tell where a product was made by looking at the first 3 numbers of the bar code. 690-692 are China, 47 is Taiwan, 00-09 is USA and Canada, etc....

    According to Snopes, this is not totally true. The codes are assigned to each company depending on where the headquarters are located. So a company with HQ in the US and factories in China would still use the code for the US.

    Snopes says that to determine where a product is made, the "Made In" label is your best resource.

    Just another of my FYI messages. This email SOUNDED good, and believable, and who doesn't want to "Buy American" when possible? I just want to make sure if I "Buy American" that it really IS American made!
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    Nope. Never heard of it.