Baseball through window!



I am so angry. :grrr: I have told husband and difficult child over and over and over NOT to play baseball in the backyard. Not even with a tennis ball, whipple ball...not in backyard. :nonono:
We had a basement window get broken from a baseball about 5 years ago, and it sat with cardboard on it for TWO YEARS!!! Surprised easy child didn't freeze to death in the is a window to his room downstairs.
Today, I am napping(have to work tonight) and husband comes in and says he was "hitting grounders to difficult child and one got AWAY from him". Right through BOTH panels of glass in the bathroom. So..what do you want me to do?(didn't say that). When I get up to shower, I look at the windows. Both are the frosted glass. One is removable. One is permanent. Part of the window that does not move.(windows slide back and forth). So, I ask husband what he is going to do about it. He says he doesn't know. I ask him if it is something I will need to do after work this week. I ask him this because I do not know where to go on this matter. He silently GLARES at me. (I am thinking we better not have DUCK tape on these two windows more than two weeks) I did not raise my voice, but was very angry. Just stated to him that I had warned both of them to not play ball back there. He looks at me like I am nuts! So, with all the other broken and worn out things in my house I have two more windows. Well, one window, two panes.
I really don't know who did it. husband says he did, but he would cover for difficult child in a heartbeat. I DO know husband plays back there a lot with him and I have warned them over and over. Doesn't really matter. I do not allow difficult child to play baseball in the backyard (accept catch), husband should know better. Can't really be angry with difficult child when husband is the one initiating it.


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My husband is the same way. I got home from work the other night and the boys were all excited to have watched Lord of the Rings. Needless to say we've been dealing with behavioral fallout since then.

I also have a broken window currently gracing the front of my house.

I hope you get yours fixed sooner than ours (2 months and counting).