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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Jan 22, 2009.

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    I called a local heating and AC company, to see if they could give me an estimate to add a section of baseboard to easy child's room. We use oil heat and the actual heater is baseboard, and uses water.
    They referred me to a plumber.
    The plumber had no idea.
    I called a handyman company.
    They had no idea.
    While I'm waiting for them to call back, do you have an recommendations for what type of expertise would be needed to do this work?
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    I wouldn't let a handyman do that one, in my humble opinion. I'd try calling a different AC co first (again). Really, larger cos that do both HVAC and plumbing should have someone who can do this. As an alternate, you could get a different type of heater and just plug it in, of course it wouldn't be connected to your main system.
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    We recently had our baseboard heating pipes moved and added some as well and our plumber did the work. I am amazed that your plumber didn't know what to do. The installation of the piping is a plumbers expertise for certain.

    Perhaps you could call your oil supply person and ask them for a referral. I know that there are some plumbers who do not do all the facets of typical plumbing work. Maybe that was the problem - you need to find the right plumber.
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    Before I got a new furnace this winter I was wondering if we might need to replace some of the baseboard units. My thought is that the HVAC guy would either do it or refer me to someone who would.

    Try calling the company who brings your oil and ask for a referral; or what about talking to a place like Home Depot? Not only do they sell materials, they also offer installation services thru subcontractors. would think one expert would link you to another related one - isn;t that part of what constitutes good biz practices?
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    Thank you all.

    The handyman company just called back and they are referring me to--get this--a refrigeration company.

    Well, I guess they know about pipes ...

    Stay tuned.
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    Oh, gee. What a mess Terry! Hope you can find the right repair person quickly. Asking the oil company might be a good idea.
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