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    I am going to have to find a new bed when I can get the money together. I got a new "used" bed for mothers day this past year which we thought was going to be great. It was actually quite good looking. The guy they got it from had it steam cleaned and it was really pretty. It was a sealy pillow top with a pretty nice box spring. It didnt last me anytime.

    As I have said before, Im a heavy woman. The mattress frame they set the box springs on was one of those cheap metal ones you get for 50 bucks and the frame just sits on the little lips and it has the six little feet. I cant remember if there is a bar down the middle or not. Maybe. Anyway. It didnt take but maybe a month for the wood in the box springs to break on the side when I was getting out of bed and on the end when Billy sat on the end of the bed. It just collapsed. So we just removed the frame and put the whole bed on the floor.

    Still, I wear a hole into my side of the bed. I bought a 4 inch memory foam topper for the bed thinking that would help. Well it doesnt. Seems the memory foam just remembers me too

    I keep looking online for beds for obese people. I am thoroughly confused. I asked my doctor if it wasnt time for me to get a hospital bed considering I wasnt getting any sleep because my bed was killing me and he just said I needed to look for a bed with a better spring ratio. Ok...what does that mean? I cant seem to find that information anywhere.

    Is anyone here close to the size of me and Tony and have a good bed that they like?

    I am 300 pounds and Tony is about 250. We would need a King now because he has such restless legs. We tried going down to a queen and that is just not working out. He kicks me so much which is why I am up at 4 am now.
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    Was it just the wood in the base that broke or was it the side and bottom of the mattress?

    Have Tony look underneath the base you now have to check for sure but I doubt it is really a box spring. They normally don't sell real box springs anymore, especially with pillow tops and euro tops, and just sell what amounts to a wooden frame with a fabric cover on it. Pillow tops and euro tops have the coils in the lower portion of the mattress, under the padded top. I went to a mattress store a few years ago and they had little models showing how mattresses are made these days and the difference between number of coils in the mattress, below the actual pillow top. I don't remember what number is actually "good" or "best" but you can probably find a good mattress store near you to visit and learn what you should get, even if you don't buy the mattress there. If you get a platform bed, which has a continuous wooden frame uinstead of slats, you could skip getting a base (what we normally call box springs) because their only use now is to provide some support for the mattress on a typical frame.
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    You could always buy a used waterbed frame and a good mattress (no boxspring) to put in it. They're made to support a lot of weight and the correct mattress size will slide right into it.
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    We (now I) have a Simmons Beutyrest that lasted through the entire 10 year warrantee. It's the type with the individual coils.

    Ehow had some interesting things within the above might take a lot of the guessing out of it!

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    Is there a mattress store in your area? Most of them have payment plans. Go in and buy the best one they have, it will be totally worth having the very best one. Definately buy new. My husband is 250 lbs. and he has back trouble, a new mattress helped him a lot.
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    We have a local mattress store that has a payment plan but in the fine print it stipulates that the purchase must exceed $950
    to qualify. We changed to a King last time we purchased a set. The problem we have is that it is too hard to "flip" so I don't think we're getting correct wear. A good bed is really important when you have health issues so I'm hoping you get the perfect one for you. DDD