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    Hey guys, I have not had access to the net in a while. difficult child 1 had been having problems still with the same kids, and the princsiple was not helping out. We went to his psychiatrist and she sent a letter to him and things have really changed.
    They are going to be sending him to a bac school in a couple of weeks, they are supposed to be working with him on how to control his emotions, deal with is peers and other stuff like that. I am hoping that it does him some good.
    Other than that things are going pretty good. I have started a small animal rescue and so far so good. difficult child 2 has started on Vyvance and so far so good. I just hope that good things keep happening. I will try to check this site every day.

    I am sorry that I don't have time to read and respond to all the threads but hopefully I will be able to get another comp. soon.