been awhile....


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Not to say that it is any better, though. difficult child has not been in trouble at school in several weeks. I think she is getting comfortable with it, at last.

So we haven't had any HUGE problems until this week. Spring Break, I am home for 10 days. The baby gets very sick and needs a nebulizer several times a day and nobody in our house is sleeping. The inlaws are here for 3 days and completely upset everything -- my sister in law actually leaves during Easter Dinner! We decide that this is the last time we will invite the inlaws down, period. What a nightmare.

So then my difficult child. She has been home with me and the baby for a week now, and her mouth has gotten terrible. Everything she says is rude. She started saying "shut up" all the time, and "you're stupid" and just general backtalk. It's awful. This morning I lost it with her.

I decided after 2 hours of sleep last night that I was going to take both kids to daycare today and have some time to myself. Well watch out -- difficult child had a major meltdown and flipped out about going to school. Yelling at me, screaming, hitting, kicking, telling me "I'M GOING TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL" That's her latest thing....

Well she is there, and her friends missed her, so she was okay. Hope she doesn't get kicked out today. We haven't found a nanny yet!!!


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It's always easier to handle what life throws your way when you're rested. Hope you can find a childcare situation that works for you soon. :)