Been meaning to update...


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But life has been crazy!! I accepted a management position with another company and I have busy making changes and getting things working efficiently. So I spend a LOT of time working but it is a good thing. I love the people I work with!! We really all fit together quite beautifully.
My son graduated and is working for my company on the road. They travel all over the southeast working in stores like Home Depot, JC Penny, Best Buy, etc. He is "home" on the weekends but stays with his girlfriend so we don't see him that often. He is living his life and growing up. :)
The biggest news - Marina was approved for an income based two bedroom townhouse apartment!! Here is the REALLY weird part - when they did a background check - it came back completely clear!? She even gave it to Marina and it said under a national background check that there is no record. We are bewildered and wonder if it was a mistake? Is it possible for a record to be wiped out without knowing it?? She has been working at Ricoh for almost a year but has a contingent offer from Amazon. She is just waiting to hear back about her background check. If it is really is clear, she should be all set (praying hard for her)...
The apartment is right next to the state park that we camp at. It is mostly elderly people there so it is quiet and my best friend's niece who Marina grew up knowing is two buildings down from her. She has a daughter the same age as Connor. They moved in two weeks ago and it has been fabulous!! Connor is doing extremely well with the transition and we love when they come over to visit. It is so great to be grandparents and enjoy our time now. Even better a ton of her friends that she used to use with have been now graduating from their rehabs and they go to a few meetings together through the week. She meets her girlfriends out for dinner and they do normal things like take their kids to the park now. It is amazing and so uplifting to see!!

So life is still going great!! Next month she will have two years clean! It has been almost a year since she graduated rehab. I am so beyond proud of her. :)

To all new parents here - there IS hope - recovery really does happen!!! <3


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What a wonderful update PG, I am so happy to read this. After all the struggles, your daughter turned it around, AWESOME! Congratulations!


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PG I couldn't be happier for all of you. What a wonderful update. Thanks for sharing the great news.