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    Hi, I met with the pycologist who will be doing difficult child's nwurpsych evaluation. I really supect Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (autism). I will also get one doen at the teching university near here. A concern I have is his office is next doodr to her psychiatrist who does not think she is on the spectrum. Her therpist definitly does. He is not doing a lto of autism specific screenings. I will consult at some point with the local CARD (autism center). I am so sure she is ont he spiectrum. ^ weeks cleana nd sober and in Residential Treatment Center (RTC), it is so evident how far below she is soically,scedemically,etc. I knwo the exam wil lshow a lot. She is very compoant there. My therapist asnd I really t hink her acting out was a deperate3 desire to fit in with kids which she has no idea waht to do. She does not iniate conversation, she is afraid to ask for stuff, her soical skilsl aare very limlited. I printed out lots of autism stuff and circled the stuff that applies. The scrrenings seem fmore behavior, like fro ADD,there is a lot of stuff. It is very through. He is very experinced so it will be inerteting what some out of it. I am also haivn the shcool board evaluate her. Looking for choices an doptions for fall. Comapssion
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    I'm glad you found an experienced neuropsychologist. That'll make things easier. I wouldn't worry too much about the fact that his office is next door to the psychiatrist. Unless they worked together to discuss her case before the testing, it shouldn't affect on the results at all. And even if they did, he'd be a poor doctor to let the psychiatrist influence him.

    OK.....eep.....I'm saying this with the utmost "tell me to go take a hike if you want to", but is there any way you can slow down and proofread when you post? I spent about 10 minutes translating this. :) I was hesitant to say anything, 'cause I was afraid English was your second language, but then I noticed you misspelled your own username, so I think it's just speed-typing! Hehe. Really, no offense intended, it would just make it a LOT easier to respond to you. (runs and hides)
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    ok, word of caution from someone who thought the same way - that my child just HAD to be on the spectrum. My difficult child has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) like traits but isn't considered Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) because she is social. That's the ONLY reason she's not. But it's just a label. What I did was just give the neuropsychologist all my stuff (parent report, childbrain quiz etc) and did all the questionaires he gave us. I made sure what I gave him was factual so he could get to his own conclusions.

    He nailed her right on the head. At first I was liek "what?!?!" but now after a month it's sunk in and I understand what he means.

    Second, if the psychiatrist and the neuro speak, it's against the law unless you sign a waiver. So the psychiatrist cannot in any way influence the evaluation.

    Anyway, good luck with- the evaluation. hope you get some answers!!
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    Nancy, You are right. I gave info and now need to let him do the evaluation. I printed out a lot of stuff, including childbrain and will fill out the assessments. Expressive language or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), same kind of issues. Compassion