benefits of LITHIUM on the brain

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    A friend of mine has a son on lithium for years now. He has a genetic disease, mild cp, autism, seizures, and is aggressive and defiant at times. She said they love his being on this medication. But the only resources for info are on bi-polar sites, and there is one blog she likes and has lot of articles linked in it. She said that research shows that lithium actually can increase and heal the brain, including the hippocampus, which on MRI is very small for my son. This is part of the lymbic system and is a center for memory and regulates moods. Since there are many here with bi-polar I thought I'd share, they are really interesting. I am sure most of you have already checked out stuff like this but it is new to me.

    the blog she likes is my son has 2 brains... at: My Son Has 2 Brains: A Mood Disorder Blog: Benefits of Lithium
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    Thanks Dee. I tried it back in 06 when I lost insurance and the county mental health place took me off all my medications and "knew" better than my psychiatrist who I had been with for over 6 years at that point and wanted to put me on all new medications. Sigh. It was a mess. Lithium was the only one I was willing to try because Cory had a good reaction to it so I thought maybe it would work well with me too. No...that was a bust. LOL. Maybe it just didnt work for the moods. I actually got very sick. I wasnt going to tell you anything about what happened with I think I was a real fluke because I havent heard of many people who it effected like me. It was pretty immediate too. By the time I realized they had your son on it, he had been on it longer than I had been able to try it.

    But thats like me and some of my medications. I can take topamax and others think its a demon
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    Well, and no doubt there are many side effects and cautions but it was interesting to read about some of the benefits even beyond mood stablization. I thought it was also interesting that it said that for both seizure medications and mood stabilizers, if you stop then it may not work well the next time you try. Q was in the hospital for a seizure evaluation once, and thi little guy next to us had been on a medication, they tried to reduce it, seizures came back so they tried to go back up to what was working, no go...then tried going higher, still didn't work, on and on. That is why he ended up in the hospital with us.

    when I was unpacking his stuff, Q started laughing because I touched his "Pee pants" I said what?? he said he had an accident when he was in a group the day prior and it was in the dirty clothes bag that hadn't been washed yet. He is complaining about having to go all the time and he is really set off by any drips that get on anything in the first place so this just ups the risk. This is a boy who would rather sit so he doesn't get anything anywhere.... I have to say I dont