BEST insurance news I've had in over a year!!!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I just have to shout for joy over this! :D Last year, difficult child 1's copay for his Crohn's medication jumped from something like $90 for 90 days to over $700 for the same amount. He has to take the branded drug and can't take generic. So I shopped around and found a Canadian mail order pharmacy that sold the real deal for about $250 for his 90 day supply. Still very expensive, but a much better price that what insurance would cover.

    We've had new health insurance since 2/1 with husband's new employer (ironically, same insurance carrier, just a different policy), and some people had told him they didn't think the coverage was that good. Actually, the coverage it turns out is VERY good. Although we have a somewhat higher deductible, after that's met, most stuff is covered 90% and no copays in network.

    But the biggest surprise is the mail order pharmacy... for difficult child 1's uber-expensive Crohn's medication? It's now $70 a month!!! I am giggling I am SO excited about this!!! :bigsmile:
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    Yeah!!!!This is awesome!!!!