Best reasonably cost place for retirement?

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  1. ForeverSpring

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    As you know hubby and I are going to RV to a warmer climate in the winters starting as early as 2018. I am excited and exploring places that will be fun to hang around those months of the year. We will staynin one place once we get there and will tow our car behind the camper for local fun.

    For those who have traveled, where do you recommend? We need cost effective places, nice weather, pretty scenery, places to hike, target shooting, bird and wildlife watching, bike, fish, etc.

    Any suggestions? Right now our #1 contender is Arizona somewhere...but where? Other states that are not outrageously expensive? Love the idea of the mountains. Thank you.
  2. Tanya M

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    Oh my does that sound like fun!!
    I've checked many different websites dreaming about someday when I can retire and doing what you're doing.
    This link has some good tips.
    RVing on a Budget: RV Camping Free or Cheap

    I hope you will post about your adventures once you get going. :)
  3. ForeverSpring

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    I checked that site :) Thank you. I was just looking for opinions if anyone has any. Thanks again!
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    My brother lives in Asheville N.C, near the Smokey Mountains, it's a beautiful area. I've done road trips thru the south, and the Outer Banks in N.C. is gorgeous. Also, the Golden Isles off Georgia. Along the gulf coast of Florida is pretty nice as well, and you can drive down to the Keys which are beautiful. Savannah Georgia is one of my favorite cities, there is an island called Tybee Island, right outside of Savannah which feels like you're in the Caribbean, I love it there.

    We started a southern road trip in Asheville and went thru Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. All those coastal areas were warm, beautiful and affordable. I love the whole area.

    Yes, I agree with Tanya, when you are on your adventure, please keep us posted as we can live vicariously thru you!
  5. ForeverSpring

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    Thank you, RE :) Of course I will stay in touch! I am also thinki g of doig a blog!
  6. wisernow

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    Hey could try our beautiful country Canada. We do have lovely weather from spring until fall. and the scenery is fantastic, people friendly. The Okanogan Valley in central British Columbia is especially beautiful. You could do a trek through the rockies and then back down the western US seaboard. Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos could be your starting point and then head along the Similkameen Valley river through the rockies and over to Vancouver. Vancouver Island is especially beautiful...Tofino is rough and wild and you have the thousand year old cedars. I find Tofino to be a very very spiritual place especially as you head through Cathederal Grove which you need to go through to get there. That if fact is one of our planned trips for next summer. Have fun with your planning.
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    Wisernow, we will visit Canada for sure! I often wish I had bern born there... i am far more Canadian thinking than U.S.

    Thanks for the heads up on Tofino! I am looking for spiritual places to visit, all times of the year! I will look it up!

    The thing is, we are only traveling extensively during the winter (after Christmas to April) to miss the cold. In the warm months we will be back in Wisconsin to be close to our kids.

    I look very forward to viditing Canada though, probably during the warm months.
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    If you're willing to trade mountains for beaches, I have friends who relocated to central Florida last year. She recently posted on Facebook about the decision to stay there. Her reasons are: 1. Heat. She hates the cold. 2. They're not more than 50 miles from a beach and go almost every weekend. 3. There is lots of work and easy to find jobs. 4. Housing costs are relatively the same in Missouri if you stay our of the larger urban areas. 5. Cost of living is lower than Missouri, utilities/food/etc. 6. No state income tax.

    She loves it there.
  9. ForeverSpring

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    Thanks for the input. Florida is not somewhere we want to go though. Much prefer mountains and wildlife to beaches! Thanks again. (We wont stay year round anywhere. Florida/Arizona too hot in summertime and family is in Midwest.) Daughter will be gettimg married after she graduates next year and we want to be near, at least in summer months.