bet i can make you laugh...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Jena

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    wanna laugh??

    tonight i am sitting with-difficult child in one of the many ronald mcdonald rooms here, we're about to play Life game. I think ahhh we did dinner by the way she ate well!! so we should do medications and pajamas soon. trying to stick on a strict schedule with her.

    than i say to myself hmmm medications, medications, do i have any of those?? :)

    the answer is NO!!! i forgot to pick up her medications today!! omg!!

    I got a manicure today, i went to MY therapy today, bought some used cowboy boots today found a cool second hand store, walked around, had a coffee, yup ME ME ME!! LOL

    remember the take care of Jen thing, well hmm i'm getting the hang of it.......

    ****! what am i going to do about pills? i panic ofcourse in my mind. I call hospital who else am i going to call try to explain what a jerky mom i am with what i did forgetting to pick up script i dropped off while my kid battles a eating disorder and i'm off shopping and getting manicures lol.

    had to take difficult child up to hospital, went up to flr found a nurse we knew and she called the dr at HOME!! how........... embarassing.......... nurse starts laughing on the phone because who knows what dr. was saying like does Mom look high?? :)

    so there's no protocol for this you see because its' never happened before! dr. says ok ill call one night's dose into a pharmacy. it's like 7:30 here. i run to pharmacy with difficult child they tell me go they close at 8!

    we get to pharmacy difficult child's kinda melting down a little now wrenching the hands and i'm like hey it's all good lol. i turn and guess what?? MY BAGS AND PURSE ISNT IN THE CAR!!!

    i kid you not!! i drive all the way back to ronald mcdonald house, leave her in the car as she melts down run down to room and rest is history.....

    40 dollars later had to pay cash insurance wouldn't pay cause gotta get real script tmrw. difficult child's eating snack now in waiting area because it took a while for them to put together 1 PILL!! she's downing oreos and milk in seat.

    i than realize wow im broke now!! i spent too much on boots, manicure, umm me!! so i had to text husband who has been a huge huge annoyance to me today we didnt' even talk today to say hey how much is it to send a western union?? :)

    sooo ask me how am i doing here in portland?? lol.
  2. Andy

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    Hey Jena - I was thinking of you as I signed onto the computer a few minutes ago. Was going to start a thread to you wishing a great day today! Looks like you started it off last night! Got all the rushing done last night!

    How is difficult child doing this morning? Did she sleep well last night? What are your plans for the day? Who won the Life game? Sounds like Life did last night! Just gotta love those days when every problem solved shows another and when they come at you that fast you just gotta go with the flow and work through it. Much harder said than done for difficult children with anxiety. Tell difficult child she did a great job going through those obstacle steps with you. Tell her "Hey, we made it through last night. Life happened and we are strong girls - we solved every single problem! Way To Go difficult child! Now the rushing is over, let's have a great day!"
  3. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member played the game of Life together. OMG! Glad it finally worked out. At least you looked great as you went thru the unexpected stresses of real life. Glad you took care of yourself.

    Looking forward to an update on difficult child. We're all still actively rooting for her..and you. Hugs. DDD
  4. Steely

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    Sounds exactly like something I would have done Jena!!! Only - I probably would not have laughed:)!!!! I hope today is better? So where are now - NY? Did you move? Fill me in?
  5. HaoZi

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    Wondering how today's been going for y'all. Hope you remember to pick up her medications today. Made any progress in prep work prior to ex's visit?
  6. Jena

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    Steely you gotta laugh!! LOL. what else is there to do? laugh or crack up?? not a whole lotta choices. no sooo much to fill you in on. sheesh..... difficult child got real sick food phobia, tried to treat her in ny hospital it tanked. brought her home soom improvement than she tanked again bigtime. found place in oregon to treat her and hospitalize her she was medically let's say a wreck. so we're entering week 3 and shes alot better. :) i 've missed you.

    haozi yea it's been better lol.