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Has anyone read the book Beyond Addiction : How Science and Kindness Help People Change? I read a sample of it on my kindle app and have ordered the book. Sounds like it's the complete opposite of everything I've been told, like they have to hit rock bottom, etc... I ordered the book before reading the sample, sounds like it may make me even more confused.


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I've read many book but that's one I haven't. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts about it. What are the qualifications of the author? The one thing I learned in all this is that there is no one answer. If there was one answer, one way to look at it, one solution, wouldn't you think everyone should flock to it and there would be no more addiction?

I remember so vividly being in the bookstore with my husband years ago looking for books to help us with our daughter. Skimming them we both became so discouraged and I looked at him and said "we are so far beyond any of these books". Now granted that was when she was very young and addiction was not in the mix yet, but still I realized that books are just one person's take on things. So I learned to pick and choose what I thought would help and disregard the rest.


I agree there is no one answer....but I am interested in this and will look into this book.
Hi Worried Sick
I agree with your initial impression of this book. I purchased it and read maybe half of it..While I firmly believe addicts need love and acceptance, I don't have to love and accept the negative behaviors that accompany the disease of addiction..Honestly I was getting somewhat confused reading it..if love could conquer this thing, my son would be well today... Think many of us have loved or given to much to our DCs. That certainly has been true in my case..but of course it may be helpful to some people just not me.
Have you checked out Charles Rubin's, Don't Let Your Kids Kill You..I still read it often. It is an excellent real perspective of what we go through, filled with lots of practical ways to survive it.

worried sick mother

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I just read the sample of Don't Let Your Kids Kill You, I'm definitely going to read the whole book. I ordered the paperback of Beyond Addiction so haven't received it yet. I sure don't need anything to confuse anymore than I already am so if I see it's confusing me I'll stop reading. I'll keep you guys posted.


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OK I dont know how to link this article in the boston globe that I saw a link to on FB.... but it was about this book.

I am going to read this book.....because I am wondering about the balance of tough love and detachment, and still loving and helping our children. I suspect there is some truth between the two..... when I read the book I will post more about my thoughts about it.


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Don't Let Your Kids Kill You - I am def going to check out that book. I read "Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children" and it started off with good advice but then just went south halfway thru. I'm like you guys - struggling with the tough love vs. detachment. Angel on one shoulder is saying "Never give up on family" and other shoulder is saying "Cut him off! Detach! Let him hit bottom!".