big life changes.....


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Please send positive vibes my way! :future:

After staying home and homeschooling my son for 7 years ( :cry: ) I have decided to pick up where I left off and go back into a career of some sort. Prior to difficult child-dom I had spent 10 years working as a corporate manager. I am trying to go into a similar field although not identical.

Having 7 years off dealing with a difficult child has left me with a somewhat, (ok, very) deflated self esteem. I am pretty wary of venturing back into Corporate America, to say the least. But it has to be done! I am officially broke, and pretty soon will have no health insurance. None the less, when I look at my resume, and see the big gaping hole of the last 7 years, I feel ill. I am worried that they will just automatically dismiss my resume because I have not been in the workforce since 2000 - and - truth be told - I am worried that I do not have the same gutzpa that got me so far in the first place. Some (no, a lot) of my spunk and energy died these last 7 years, and I am not sure if it will come back on demand. I have to believe in it though - my future depends on it.

So - I guess I am just asking for prayers and positive thoughts. It is a BIG change. It means my soon-to-be 17 year old will get to his GED classes, on his own. BIG step. And once there on his own, will behave - because Mom will no longer be available to bail him out. He is too old anyway.

And it is a BIG step because my dad has stage 4 brain cancer. He does not have long to live, and plans on dying in Oregon. I will be at "a new career" most probably, in the final stages of his death, far, far away from him. This grieves me immensely. But I know that this is something he wants for me before he passes. He has expressed that repeatedly. He wants me to have my life back.

Aiiyyaaaa.......I am overwhelmed!
But I just need to believe in myself, and use the same tenacity that has gotten me this far.
Thanks for your prayers, thoughts, or whatever else you want to send my way. :crazy:


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I wish you the best. You may not have the same chutzpah or gumption or even energy, but you will have developed patience, a better ability to deal with those who think they have the answers, the organizational skills to cope with problem employees and you are older and wiser.

Those 7 years don't have to be a total gaping hole. Think of what you did in that time and put it down in a positive manner. Not every life skill is learned at a paying job. Many are learned through life and just happen to come in very handy for employment.


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I don't think you will face the resistance you think you will. Leaving a career for childcare responsibilities is a perfectly acceptable reason. I see your age as a definite advantage- you are old enough to bring all of the good things that maturity lends to the work place and you are young enough to have the strength and determination to face the challenges ahead.

Good luck!



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Good for you for going back into Corporate America!! I wish you tons of luck--Hopefully your future employer will understand what it takes to stay at home and raise and homeschool your kids. I'm sure you'll find the strength to succeed at any task you're given....Because...I think raising and dealing with difficult child's is one of the hardest jobs in the world !!! If you can raise a difficult child you can work anywhere !!


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I also would think about listing your homeschooling activities as you would have to organize and make sure "goals" were achieved...depending on what job you are applying for. Maybe brush up on computer skills? The worst thing you can hear would be no....actually you are more valuable than you won't be getting pregnant (will you?), you don't have to arrange for child care (thinking your difficult child will soon be able to do for himself) and you still have your faculties (?, I presume).....


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I'll be thinking of you and say a prayer for you. I think you do have the hutzpah to do what you've done. Think how much hutzpah it took just to make this decision and move in this direction.

Cheers to you! :smile:Things will work out WW.


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It's hutzpa.....not gutzpa......and I wrote gutzpa! See I am already doubting my sanity and capability.
OK....I'm fine....I'm fine. I have a mind left........usually.



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It's CHUTZPA (I speak Yiddish)with a gutteral CH to start it off.

That said, good luck on the job hunt however you pronounce it, LoL



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I went back via a temporary agency (I'd been out of the "work force" for 8 years). But through some phone calls and calling in favors, I wound up working in the same place I had left as a full time employee those 8 years previous.
After I came in as a temp, the section head offered me a full time job, with my past years and vacation and all back. It took 6 months to get all the paperwork in order (different ranking system had come in place while I was out, etc.), but it was well worth it!

If you find you are having trouble "getting in" the door, is temporary or contract work a possibility?


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I think temp work is a GREAT idea! I have found every serious job I've ever had by starting as a temp. This keeps you from having to do a formal interview in most cases! All you do is submit your resume to the temp agency, take some computer skills tests and wait for a phone call. Check out Let them know I sent ya, I've used them for years and years! They are great and find you great paying jobs with good companies!


Good luck to you!

I agree with busywend, it will all come back to you. I think it will be good for you, too...a focus on you.


Luck to you. I think after homeschooling that long (I only lasted a year and half) You have way more in you than you are giving yourself credit for. I went back to work part time last December after almost five years away. Doing nothing like I had done before. Just that first pay check is so rewarding. I will be thinking good thoughts for you.