Bio moms mother arrested

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    This brings up different thoughts and emotions for me. I often worry that there isn't much I can do to fight DNA. Then there are other times I realize that my boys life is so much different than their mothers life and her mothers life. They are in a much more stable environment.

    Their bio maternal grandmother was arrested this weekend for aggrevated assault with a deadly weapon. I pulled the public report online and it says she caused bodily injury and threatened to cause serious bodily injury with a knife to her husband. The guy is a drunk and has beaten her before, so I can't say I blame her, for all I know it was self defense.

    I just wonder sometimes if this is the life my difficult children will choose one day. I hope not. On the positive side of things, this certainly helps us if she ever follows through on her threat to take us to court for grandparents rights.

    I pray my kids never have to be exposed to this family again. I don't know how husband survived it for 6 years. What a train wreck. I thank God that their bio cousin was taken from her mother as well and that both women are fixed and unable to have more children. No child should be subject to this daily.
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    Oh my!!!! I also hope they never have to be a apart of that life ever again. Will they have access to this news???
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    I would say this is a big mark against her if she tries to grandparents rights. :surprise:
    Not a healthy environment at all for the kids if she were granted them.

    On the upside it's expensive to haul someone to court for this. :thumbsup:

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    No, they won't have access to this news. We do our best to protect them from as much as possible unless we have to tell them. When we were dealing with court stuff with their mom we had to explain why the judge didn't want them with her, so we very delicately explained. I'll file this away for them when they're adults. I do keep stuff like this so that one day when they're older they understand why we felt it was so important to go to court and have their mothers rights terminated. But that will be a much later in life conversation. For now we have explained as much as we felt we needed to. So far that doesn't involve their grandmother. But if she files for grandparents rights, we may have to explain this to them too. Hopefully that won't happen.

    What a messed up family. I'm so glad they don't see them like they use to. husband says every family gathering ended in fights. What a thing to be raised around. I just can't imagine.
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    Steph, she was part of a class action lawsuit with the phen/phen craze. Unfortunately, she has access to the kind of money it takes.