Birthday School Treat Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Needsupport, Oct 6, 2008.

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    My ghg's 8th b-day is Wed & I'm trying to come up with-a treat to send to school with-him. He's in a self contained classroom with-4 other students, all ADHD so I'd rather not do something filled with-sugar. Does anyone has any suggestions? I'd really appreciate your input.

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    One year I did jello cups. I made them at home and sent in cool whip and sprinkles. The kids got to put the toppings on by themselves, (well with the help of the teachers) they loved it!!! So did the teachers.

    Just a suggestion. :)
  3. bran155

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    You could get sugar free everything too!!!
  4. nvts

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    Did the same thing with pudding cups!

  5. nvts

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    One other thought, sometimes a little art project is fun to send and the teacher appreciates the break.

    Since it's so close to Halloween you could make salt dough ghosts and send markers and the kids could decorate them, then you could get those little plastic pumpkins with candles and fill them with either those penny toys (they usually sell them at party stores) or fruit chew thingy's or a tiny box of raisins.

    Here's the link for salt dough ghosts:

    Have fun!

  6. meowbunny

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    Mini bagels are usually a big hit -- especially with dyed cream cheese. Another thing that works well is ice cream sundaes (sugar free) -- you bring ice cream, syrup, sprnkles, whipped cream. Great fun and yummy (if not too cold).
  7. Needsupport

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    Sorry for the type-o. Meant difficult child! :)

    Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions.
  8. susiestar

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    When my son was in a self contained class I made a "pyramid treasure" cake. I baked a cake in a jelly roll pan. Cut it out into graduated squares (one was 7X7, next 5X5, then 3X3, then 1X1. I used a basic white cake, and homemade icing (my kids reacted more to the food color than the sugar, as did the other kids in the class). I put the 7x7 square on cardboard and cut out an area in the middle that would be covered by the 5x5 piece. I cut out maybe a 2x2 section of the 5x5 piece, so the hole was 2 layers deep. I used thin icing layers to put the cake together, put small toys in the center for "treasure" and then just stacked the layers. It looked like a Mayan pyramid. I used a sprinkling of ghirardelli ground sweet chocolate and cocoa (same texture as cocoa, but sweeter - what they have in the shakers at coffee houses frequently). B.c I used thin layers of uncolored icing, and a dusting of cocoa to resemble dirt, it had no food color. it also was fairly low in sugar.

    I also brought in queso and chips. The kids each ate a piece of cake, but the double batch of queso was devoured - NONE left.

    Family Fun had a neat cake made out of fruit - slices of watermelon mainly, in their back to school issue. You can look online to find it.
  9. tiredmommy

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    You could order pizza (pay when you order) and have it delivered. Have difficult child bring in plates & napkins.
  10. Andy

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    I love all the ideas especially the pizza one.

    How about applesauce cups.

    As a take home item, I just found little plastic lanterns at the local dollar store. I purchased 30 of the pumpkin ones for Sunday School and will put 3 AA batteries in each of them (splurging more than normal but it fits in an upcoming story). The batteries at the dollar store were 8 for $1.00. With only 5 kids to buy for (of course difficult child will need one) it should cost less than $8.00 and a great thing for Halloween trick or treating. There is a small button on the front to turn off and on (difficult child had to show me - I couldn't figure it out :) ).
  11. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, this is sugary, but it's fun, nonetheless: I've made a Rice Krispies pizza for the class treat for my birthday kid(s). The dough is the typical rice cereal and marshmallow/butter mixture shaped on a pizza pan. I used strawberry jam for the "sauce", shredded coconut for the "cheese", and fruit roll-up pieces for the "pepperoni". I sliced it according to the number of kids in the class (some years I had to make two pizzas). Then I got an empty pizza box (my local shop gave me one for free) to package it up and delivered it to the class room.

    The mini bagels with colored cream cheese is another good idea. I've used Nestle strawberry milk mix to color and flavor the cream cheese (soft spread type) and my kids liked that. We pretended the bagels were donuts with pink frosting ;) You could use the chocolate milk mix to change the "frosting", too.
  12. SRL

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    Since it's just five students I'd go with the pizza.