Blurred Vision in One Eye After Migraine?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. susiestar

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    I did not make it to my parents. As I was getting ready a migraine hit like lightning. Just came out of nowhere and I couldn't keep migraine or nausea medications down for several hours.

    I am better now, but my right eye is not focusing. I thought my glasses were really dirty somehow and cleaned them three times. Even with my glasses on the right eye does not focus at any distance.

    The one source I found on the internet (very hard to read, am typing by touch) didn't say much but did list migraine as a cause. I will call my doctor early tomorrow but am wondering if it is something permanent or that will just go away or what.

    Thanks all. The ONE sense that it would bother me MOST to lose is my sight. I can lip read a bit thanks to my grandparents so deafness didn't bother me much. I am so oversensitive to smell that losing it might be a blessing, at least for those who live with me and cannot use scented soap, deodorant, perfume, etc..., and I am not sure you can lose your sense of touch. But blindness, even in one eye, seriously freaks me out. Not being able to read wouldn't be the problem today that it would have been years ago but would still wound me greatly. Lately I cannot hold books and am saving up for an ereader. I may have to hold off on that until I see what is up with this.

    Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post a big smilie and say that I can see clearly. For now, the blurry vision is bringing my headache back and I have to close my eyes.

    Thanks all. This terrifies me. I don't think I can cope with this. the other stuff I have managed. Not this. Please not this.
  2. flutterby

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    I've had that happen. Mine resolved itself within about 30 minutes, but it was very disconcerting. I have trouble focusing when I have a migraine, but I guess I've just gotten used to it.
  3. susiestar

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    It is much better today. Not all the way back to normal, but the headache isn't all gone either. I am hoping that tomorrow both will be gone. Did leave message for my doctor just in case.
  4. Star*

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    Check into eye strokes and cluster headaches. A gal I know recently went blind in her right eye from an eye stroke without warning. If the blurring isn't gone completely I would see an opthamologist.

  5. GoingNorth

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    I agree with Star on this one. I get ocular migraines though they've decreased over the years along with the classical (aura, nausea, etc) I also used to get.

    You CAN have a "stroke" in the eye, usually in the vessels in the retina.
  6. susiestar

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    I left a message for the doctor. She was out the first of the week so I should hear something tomorrow or Thurs. Today all is fine, but I really do NOT want my migraines to do this ever again.