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    difficult child and easy child fight like cats and dogs. They are driving me crazy. He eggs her on, and then she explodes. difficult child is really annoying, especially when he TRIES to be. So please, can I do anything? Can I just run and hide? Does anyone know of any good books to help or atleast understand this? I had horrible fights with my brother growing up. One time we threw watermelon chunks at eachother, and then I rubbed it in his hair. I kicked him in the woo hoos, so he threw a coffee cup at me. I feel so bad for my mom, we really put her thru the wringer. Guess this may be paybacks?
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    CM30, just off the top of my head...

    Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, by Stephen Covey
    Kids are Worth It, by Barbara Coloroso

    There is quite a bit of philosophical stuff in there, as well as practical info. If the philosophy's not your bag, then you might want to gloss over them.

    Perhaps a baseball bat and some duct tape? (Just kidding). I HATE it when the kids fight like that. Makes me want to run away too.

    Hope you find the info you need.

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    A Bible of sorts that should come with every newborn for parents.

    How to talk to kids so they will listen and how to listen to kids so they will talk.

    It's PHENOMINAL.....and you do one lesson each week.

    You can't change them - but YOU can arm yourself with better coping tactics.
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    I ordered the book you mentioned Star, but I ordered the version for Teens. I think I have overwhelmed myself with books, as I am reading 3 of them, not counting text books. I may have to resort to duct tape. I think that sounds good. I could duct tape them together-- then I could leave. Now that sounds like fun.
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    Part of sibling rivalry is learning how to work through conflict. I finally refused to play referee. Unless there was hitting involved, I didn't get involved. I used to dread coming home from work.
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    If you go to through the link on this site and search for books on Sibling Abuse you will find quite a few choices. I read a number of them several years ago as I was processing a lot of things that happened in my childhood. Sibs DO abuse each other, and it can be helped with therapy and strong parents. Find books that suit your situation, read them and use the info to help your family.

    Many hugs,