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    I'm on a psychological thriller binge and need some that are really good. I've read some really great ones and some that are...blah.

    My preference is not about the FBI or CIA type books or the parnormal. I do like murder books with surprise endings and books about those with screwed up brains. (Does this tell you something about me?)

    I've already read Gone Girl. I was VERY disappointed in the ending. It was very good up until then. While the e nding was a surprise, which I like, I did not like how Nicholas responded to the pregnancy. But that is along the line of the kinds of books I do like only hopefully with scarier endings or more shocking ones.

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    The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was great. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn was also very good. When I have more time later I'll list some more. I like psychological thrillers too!
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    Patricia Highsmith: Strangers on a Train, The Talented Mr.Ripley

    Barbara Vine: (Ruth Rendell writing in a Pen Name), A Dark Adapted Eye, A Fatal Inversion, No Night is Too Long.

    Ruth Rendell: A Judgment in Stone, A Demon in My View, The Lake of Darkness, The Tree of Hands, Anna's Book.

    Zoe Heller: Notes on a Scandal
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    This doesn't fit the bill exactly, but I just finished "The Nightengale," and it was fascinating, frightening, oddly educational and powerful. It goes into detail of WW II France and Germany. The details of what the Natzi's did ... I had to look away at if I was looking at a picture. The author describes the psyche of the SS (OMG) and the victims. It was, as we all know, a horror beyond words. It highlights those who had the strength and will to fight through unspeakable horror and help themselves and others.
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    Try the Martha Grimes "Richard Jury" novels. Her later books are kind of scattered, but if you start at the beginning, "The Man With a Load of Mischief" is the first one.
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    This is not what you asked about but something I have been thinking recommending for you some time now. I really enjoyed it.

    It is Kent A. Kiehl's non fiction book The Psycopath Whisperer

    Dr Kiehl is a neuroscientist who researches psychopathy and did those MRI scans of psychopath's brains. He tells about that research in this book. Very fascinating if not light read.

    Most interesting to me was the part, where they have recently seemed to find a way to make a difference with teens, who score very high in Hare's Youth Psychopathy checklist. This program is in fact in Wisconsin (Mendota Treatment Centre), where they treat those juvenile offenders of Wisconsin that can not be managed in any other institutional setting (and of many score very high in that checklist.) And they are able to make their likelihood to reoffend even less than general population of juvenile offenders and especially reduce the risk for violent offences remarkably by concentrating catching and rewarding even the smallest pro-social behaviours instead of giving consequences for anti-social behaviours and being very short term both with rewards and consequences.

    So, non-fiction and so not what you asked, but something that could interest you.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Suzir!!!!!

    I will order them right away. And, yes, I did read that some teens who are going towards being a psychopath can be changed. This is very exciting and hopeful. I saw the documentary!
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    Before I Go To Sleep. Good psychological thriller.