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    Not for my face, but for chronic muscle spasms in my back. I woke up this morning with this brainstorm in my head and wanted to find out if it was actually something that was performed. It turns out, they do use this (it appears on nerves), but I'm curious if this would work as a pain management treatment for the chronic spasms in my back.

    I had to go to my primary today (another stinkin sinus infection!), so I mentioned it to her (Yes, I work for an orthopedic, but he's on vacation and I've never heard him describe Botox as a back treatment, but will ask him when he returns next week.) My primary said she'd heard of it being used, but wasn't sure that it would help. Asked if I had PT and chiropractic...yada yada. Yeah, I've had a chronic thoracic back sprain since I was 18 from two really bad accidents, compounded by a slip and fall about 12 years ago. I know there is no cure, but I need to do something about this, cause it's getting so much worse, especially over the last year and a half. Strong pain killers make me sick and codeine makes my skin crawl, so I only take it when I just can't stand it any longer.

    So, anyone ever get Botox, even cosmetically? Anyone use it for pain mangagement?
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    Haven't ever tried this, looked too painful to have shots in my face, but certainly makes sense and you could start wearing backless dresses.......hope you find relief for the pain........
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    Okay, just between you and me, Loth, I have had several Botox injections for the wrinkles around my eyes.

    It really softens the lines and is really not very painful (and I'm a big chicken when it comes to needles).

    There was just a report, though, that several children have died as a result of injections of Botox into the legs for spasms caused by cerebral palsy. Botox has not been approved for use in this manner.

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    Loth - No no no no no. I was horrified to see that news report a couple of days ago. Makes me angry that there was not more publication of the deaths earlier - they've been using Botox for muscle spasms for at least 10 years. Boo did have them. I can't say they were terribly effective, but they were outrageously expensive ($1000 a pop, and that was just for the medication).

    Had I know about the reports deaths in kids with- CP, I never would have agreed.

    I would very seriously consider something else for the back spasms. You have my deepest empathy!!

    If you're dealing with- chronic spasms and don't have a hx of seizures, I'd recommend oral baclofen.