Breaking Chains

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    As a toddler, difficult child didn't listen very well (go figure) and it resulted in some close calls because of it. We didn't go very often, but at hotel swimming pools we would tell him to wait or stop because either we weren't in the pool yet or he was running towards the pool and twice he jumped in and was quickly in trouble. Since then he's had issues with- swimming pools ~ even if he can touch, he preferred to stay at the ladder or against the side. He's faced the fear .... yesterday we went to the waterpark as a treat for the good behavior last week. He was begging to jump off the diving board like easy child 2. I was leary of it because 1) he's not a strong swimmer, 2) I could see him freaking out after coming up and not making it to the side on his own. I allowed him to try (husband & I were both on the side close to the lifeguard) and he DID IT! He ended up jumping several times. I was impressed that he was able to release that fear of water and allow himself to have fun. Of course easy child 2 being the thrill seeker was also jumping off the high dive and difficult child wanted to .... I opted to wait until another year of swim lessons when he has better swimming ability and control over holding his breath.
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    Nine sounds about the right age to begin to swim a little stronger. Earlier than that most kids are not quite coordinated enough, and they actually become a little more buoyant as they get a little heavier. You picked a really good time to take him to the water park. And good for him for recognizing that sometimes having fun in a reasonable way means giving up on old unreasonable fears! That's a really big jump into the pool! ;)
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    That's great! Good for him for facing his fears. I'm glad it was a positive experience. :)

    I have to laugh, the first time I took my son to a pool, I went to set my stuff on the chair and heard a splash. He had jumped right in without a thought. Luckily I was able to fish him out quickly. He is also more cautious in the water now then he needs to be, now that he can swim. I guess that's a sign that difficult children do learn, they just learn the hard way!

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    Good for difficult child! That courage will come in handy for sure.
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    Very good for difficult child!! Conquering fears is huge!