Britian's Got Talent


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> i'd just finished searching youtube for this clip.

every time i hear/see this i get teary eyed & goose bumps all over. he is amazing.

here's another one by a 6yo girl....also amazing.

too bad the american version of this show hasn't turned up anyone half as good. at least not yet. i can't imagine having to perform in front of both simon & piers! anyone know who that amanda is?

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Amazing, isn't he? Even if you aren't an opera fan, it's moving. He apparently started singing opera 6 years ago after some brush with karaoke opera (can't imagine that!). He's had some training but entered hoping to get his big break.

Here's a blurb on Amanda from their website:
OK. Let me merge this with the "does anyone cry at TV shows" thread, if I may.

The opera singer gave me chills. How absolutely fantastic.

The little girl...well, her singing didn't really make me cry. But Simon's reaction afterward did.

*sniff* !!


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how about the Baton twirler? He was something else also. simon's reaction was sheer and utter surprise. The kid didn't even tell his parents he was persuing this because they didn't approve. they thought he had stopped years ago when the asked him to because they were afraid he would get bullied. His grandma taught him and she has a troupe. She was there and they brought her out on stage. -RM