C.A.R.E medication-alert bracelet

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    I thought I would share this with you all.

    (discount of 5$ with the word SAFE)


    I just bought mine because of my health issues. I thought maybe those of you who are looking for an alternative to the regular ID medication-alerts that can store all your health records and testing (makes it easier for doctor to print it all up in case you can't tell them and less phone tag with specialists).

    With our kids, we can store theirs on that bracelet as well (up to 300 family members records). It can be plugged into any USB and printed.

    It's an amazing piece of tech to keep on top of medication records and much more. Software built in, don't need internet, no user fees (like medication-Alert) and it goes everywhere with you.
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    Thanks for posting this!
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    Yes, thank you! I need to get something like this!
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    Our Walgreens sells these (probably others but I noticed while standing in line to get Q's medications. Not as many colors though!