Came across an old iphone movie of my younger stepson....


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From three years ago. I was going through my hard drive looking for other things when I stumbled on it. Younger stepson was playing a game on the phone with my wife. He was twelve. He still had his "little boy" voice. He has always been slight for his age so he looks even younger than he was, and with that squeaky voice! I had totally forgotten how it sounded. His voice has been in full puberty mode for the past couple of years.

It gave me some perspective on the fact that although their mom and I have only been married a few years, I have still played an important role in their lives. I have been there for them as best as I can, though I learned (and am still learning) my own lessons about boundaries in the process. They have grown from boys to young men, younger stepson especially, and I am so very proud of them both, even DS.

I'm a little misty eyed, I can't lie! I am glad we have this video to remind us of his childhood.

pigless in VA

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Ah, that is so sweet. My husband destroyed most of my photos and videos when he became psychotic. It's especially nice when you can hear voices from the past. I have no doubt that you have been a huge positive in those boys' lives.