can excess activity trigger cycling?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Aug 19, 2008.

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    difficult child was not doing well in July, he was definately cycling. Hypomanic, and some depression also. This was also a very busy month/time of year. We had husband and easy child's bdays, fair, the fourth of July, a wedding, a trip to the beach and a camping trip. Could all of this activity have triggered his cycling?

    Once life calmed down among other things, difficult child is better. We lowered his dose of Lamictal to see if it was activating him, and have not put him back on Daytrana. I have some patches available if necessary for school, but while difficult child is still extremely active, I can redirect him and can even get him to lower his voice most of the times. He has been doing his chores with reminders, but he does them.

    Just curious what others have seen in their own difficult child's.
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    I was just on the SeaWorld thread wondering the same thing. Wish I knew.

    Lower his voice? My son does that. He is SO LOUD. And then he insists he isn't shouting. Is that part of mania?

    I know with-my bipolar friend, he can take a fair amt of activity if he plans for it, but he has to make sure he gets a steady amt of sleep in between, and doesn't get emotionally upset. But that's for an adult.
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    Terry, I think the loud voice can be part of mania or hypo mania. When difficult child is doing well I can tell him he is too loud or yelling and he will lower his voice, but if he is not doing well he gets upset and then yells louder that he is not yelling.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 2 has trouble keeping his voice down when he's agitated or hyperactive, which before we just thought was the ADHD, but perhaps it's related to the mood disorder and his own state of internal chaos or hypomania?

    I really don't know about the level of activity or plans and cycling. That's a good question and one I'll be thinking over more carefully.
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    With my difficult child, talking like he's very excited (fast, louder than normal, racing, etc) is hypomanic, unless of course he has reason to be that excited.

    To answer the original question- YES, in my humble opinion. I have noticed a correlation with these periods of time- I don't know yet if it is lack of sleep, stress, anxiety or excitement, the slightest change in routine, OR that the least little amount of one of those things can cause it to start and once he's on his way, something has to change to get it reeled back in, which takes a while.
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    Structure -- same mealtimes and bedtime, familiar environments and expectations -- is in and of itself mood-regulating. That's why day treatment programs and inpatient psychiatric hospitals have familiar routines day by day, week by week.

    When my son has too little to do (like right now, the week before school starts), he becomes bored, irritable and a bit depressed. When he's involved in exciting new activities he's been looking forward to, he can become over-the-top enthusiastic and expansive (although this happens less now that he's on mood stabilizers). I think kids with mood disorders are very sensitive to outside stimuli.
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    CM30, I think there's something in that.

    When difficult child has a structured and orderly routine, he seems better able to regulate his moods. When he has a lot of input, whether from people, new places, too much TV or stereo, books, magazines, or whatever...his mood starts to elevate, or he starts cycling.

    We've even tried to ensure that the staff at his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) are very calm, cool and collected know, so mellow they seem like they're nearly asleep. It seems to help difficult child to stay stable.
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    So weird........I was just about to post about this. difficult child seemed to be in the best mood today, talking my ear off, about amazing amounts of things (truly I was impressed with his knowledge). Then he seemed to be over activated, and almost overly confident, and took on a project where he became hostile. His day has been normal, not any more or less stress or structure - so it made me wonder, if it is not just stress and lack of structure that causes cycling, but also just too much stimulus in the frontal lobe, i.e. talking to people, ideas, creativity.
  9. totoro

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    YES- I have read and believe this happens. For K if we do a lot on one day, by the afternoon or next day she is either hypo or manic.
    If we can stay in a structure with no real outside (not our normal routine) or hectic activities she will still be up and down, but when there is chaos or our schedule is way out of wack. All bets are off. K is louder the more stimulated she is and the more chaotic her environment.

    I get worked and manic or hypo if I know my schedule is going to change or we are doing something big. I think the anticipation for me is key.