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    I am new here. My 6 year started kindergarden this year and it has been a rough year. They are testing him and we are also getting him tested for o d d and general anxiety disorder. There aparently was an incident on the play ground and they called to inform me he will be kept in for recess the rest of the year. I think that it harsh and when I questioned my son he said he has been kept in and recess many times. Don't they need to inform me of this I have not recieved any thing of that is disiplanary actions. Please any advice would be great
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    No, they don't need to inform you if they keep him in for recess occasionally but it would be unusual not to inform a parent when it's a frequent occurance. I would check in with the school on this because sometimes a child's interpretation of often isn't the same as the teacher/school.

    Keeping a child in for the rest of the year's recess doesn't sound so much like a consequence but a school who is concerned with keeping your child or the other children safe.

    I think your best bet is to call and meet personally with the principal and teacher. Let him/her know you are concerned and have arranged testing and that you want a full picture of behaviors at school.

    If you havne't already I would also suggest getting the ball rolling at school for an evaluation through the public school district. Write a letter to your principal requesting a full and complete evaluation due to suspected anxiety disorder and ODD.

    What kind of specialists have you arranged to do the testing?

    Are you seeing any other issues beyond the anxiety and ODD?
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    I would definitely make sure that recess is addressed in his IEP when you write one. Tigger had a rule that if he was making unsafe choices, he couldn't go to recess with his class but had independent recess (just him and his aide all alone on the playground). He still got the very necessary running around he needed but he missed his friends. It worked very well to motivate him to make better choices.
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    Thank you. The school district is testing him and he is also lined up to have testing done by the mental health facility in our area. He is very deffient towards authrity. Aurgues with me and his father alot. Cries when things don't go his way. The syptoms are far worse in school then at home. The part I don't get is at home, in daycare, even in soccar he shows no violents or aggression toward any of the kids, but in school they say he does. I will say I am not one of those parents that have no clue what their child is capable of cause I know and nothing surprises me. The only time I have ever seen really vengful aggression or violents is when he is being relentlusly provoked or teased and feels there is no other options. Guess I am now just waiting to find out what the doctors say.
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    Hi. I have a few questions. First of all, has he ever been diagnosed before? Secondly, any speech or social delays/problems? Does he have a fit if things change? Is he all right in shopping malls, bright lights, loud noise, etc? Are there are mood disorders or substance abuse in the family tree?
    My word of advice is to not trust the SD with any diagnosis. In fact, anything you may here, at his young age, is probably going to change as he gets older and more stuff shows up. If he shows any delays or disturbing behaviors, I'd see a developmental pediatrician to keep an eye on him. A therapist, without the MD, in my opinion, isn't a very good diagnostician either (had tons of experience with son getting the wrong diagnosis.).
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    We don't really trust the school. We where referred to the mental health center by his doctor, and when his assesment showed high in anxiety disorder we decided to get him tested and my husbands uncle and grandfather both on medication for anxiety related panic attacks. So we thought okay maybe there is a quirk and he is just not a wild child. Not so well behaved in the stores and mall anything with a lot of people that he doesn't know on an everyday basis. Developed early in speech and comprehension. He was speaking sentences full and in context at 13 months. Always has bite his favorite blanket we excited. Did have a fractured skull at around 14 months. Just a lot of things. Part of me would like there to be something. you know some explanation for some of the things that he doesn't other than those looks of you are a bad parent. Then again me and my husband have always felt that sd's and those in them are very qick to push the add issue. I mean yeh there are kids out there that really suffer and need help and then there are those naturally all boy boys that the teacher really don't want to deal with. I was a very hard descion for us but in the end we felt if this can provide him with a happier better life we as parents owe him that.
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    He does have some unusual speech development & symptoms of sensory dysregulation. These, coupled with anxiety, could possibly be red flags for Aspergers syndrome or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified. They are both forms of autism and are often dismissed in younger children. I'd personally have him checked out.