Can we get the board busier again? Ideas


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Anyone think maybe we should post more to continue being a presence on the internet? I have more trouble posting now and I'm not sure why. But if others post more, I promise to as well.

What do you think is slowing it down?


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Hi Busy. I think it has something to do with Coronavirus and the other societal challenges we're all facing. I don't know how or why, but it's the only thing I can think of.


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For me, I'm not posting as much, as my DGDs no longer live at home, so less stress! Not that they are truly adulting...but not much I can do.

Plus, I feel like a hermit, and not really anxious to reach out. Opi know I need to, or at least get motivated to be productive around the house. I'm just overwhelmed with the virus, racial inequalities, isolation, etc.

We haven't had our church open back up. But our AlAnon group has met the last two weeks, outside on a covered patio... I've missed it... We tried zoom, but I just couldn't get in to it. Ksm


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When I first came here, twenty years ago, there were different issues and little in the way of help. We were driving to San Francisco (3 -4 hours one way) for seminars and workshops in a desperate attempt to understand. As the children grew, the issues changed, and the board wasn't needed any longer. More help came along, even here in the information desert.

Some of those kids from twenty years ago have grown up and have good lives. Some are struggling. Some are drug addicted, in/out of prison, and some are no longer living. I check in because I want to continue to help, but this new world of addiction is not something I have experience with.

More parents will come along, and there will be someone there to help, who has lived the experience and understands.


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I've only been here for 18 months or so and I appreciate the wisdom of everyone on this board. I would hate to see it dwindle away. I'm only checking in every few days at the moment - I tend to visit this board when I'm alone and that has happened less since the virus has had us all in various forms of lockdown. There seems to always be someone here at the moment! Nevertheless, I'm going to try to visit a bit more frequently.