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  1. How about one of my sons teacher felt as if she has had enough of my child this year and would like to have him transfer into another class(yes I know only 18 more days of school left). That is not even the bad part....she allow all the kids in the (7th grade) class to write down how they feel about my son being in the class and being disruptive.:furious: Iam so mad !! Of course I emailed her telling how hurtful that was and it wasn't beneficial and I had already talked to principal about taking him out of her class. She responded..defending her actions. Iam sooo mad!:furious:Iam ready to write her again need some good advice.
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    She can try all she wants to defend her actions but there is no defense. She was totally out of line and beyond unprofessional. I would file a formal complaint.
  3. yes I agree- Iam trying my best to keep my cool till after report cards...she is his math teacher and we need her to help him catch up for the times he has been sent to ISS. oh this teacher has me between a rock and a hard place as if I need her to put me there...
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    I think this is a perfect opportunity to request a full educational evaluation so that he can obtain an IEP (Special Education services) if he doesn't have one yet. Obviously, his "behaviors" are affecting not only his education but the education of everyone else in the class if the teacher is taking valuable time to have them write out their gripes about him.

    Can't tell how flaming my hair is right now - I think you showed remarkable restraint. Quite frankly, it's bullying, plain and simple, and I'd be complaining loud and long not only to school administration but also to your state board of education. Certified letters.

    Ugh. Hope you guys make it thru the school year and next year get a *professional* teacher.
  5. slsh.... please do tell me what is the IEP and who do i request this from? I have been asking for help all year from school (every time they called me to come pick him up) now 18 days left and one of his teachers put in for a behavioral specialist to come in and see if they can help.By the time the paper work gets to right people school will be out!! Dumb people and they are suppose to be teaching are kids!!:furious:
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    I work in Special Education-the administrative end.

    So request a full team special education evaluation in writing to the Special Education Director and the principal. the process is long and based only on school days, so do it as soon as possible. Hop over the Special Education forum here as well.

    But most importantly file a formal complaint with the superintendant, including the email. in my humble opinion, your child's dignity, self-image and self-esteem are much more important than being caught up in math. It's a grade on a peice of paper, in reality that's all it is. Think about what message it sends to difficult child if you don't act on this immediately, not to mention the long term effects of this event. There are only 18 days left in school, there is only so much academic ground that can be gained in that amount of time. That is a lot of time for a child to be treated this way by his teacher and humilated by his peers without any action being taken to stop it or hold someone accountable for it.

    Again just my opinion, take it for what it's worth.
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    IEP - Individualized Education Plan.

    You aren't going to get anywhere with most schools if you just "ask" for help. You need to send a certified letter requesting a full multidisciplinary evaluation to determine if he requires special education services. Sped services can be an aide, or speech/occupational/physical therapy, psychological services, etc.

    A good place to start would be in the Special Education 101 archives of the board to familiarize yourself. I believe they also have some great sample letters to request an evaluation.

    If they've called in a behavior specialist, sounds like they're doing a functional behavioral analysis (FBA) - what *should* come of this is a behavior intervention plan (BIP). This is actually good - just kinda lousy they waited so long.

    Some schools refuse evaluations because students aren't "failing" but IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - I think) clearly states that if a student has behaviors that interfere with their ability to receive a free and appropriate education (FAPE), then they do qualify for Special Education services.

    All this is said assuming you're in the US - it's different in other countries. ;) Please do check out the sped 101 archives and post over in that forum - Martie and Sheila are truly outstanding sources of information.
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    I would document what happened and report it (in writing) to the principal and the superintendent.

    There is NO excuse for this from a teacher.

    I am sorry for you and your difficult child...
  9. Thanks for all your help!! I will check into everything yall suggested..Thanks again.:faint:
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    She sounds incompetent to me. Why is she wasting math class time on this? She's the one wasting class time. If she's got a problem with your son in her class there are other options than having the other kids write nasty things about him.

    I would take it up with the school board.
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    Follow Sue's (slsh) advice. Go over to the Special Education board and read, read, read. Also look at the Special Education archives.

    Even after the number of years I have been around, I also go over and ask for suggestions and research before an IEP meeting for my difficult child.

    In regards to the "letter" incident, file a formal complaint against this teacher ASAP. Don't hold out about the math grades. Any grade your son gets can be substantiated with her grade book should you disagree. She needs to be stopped from this degrading crud as soon as possible. I am curious as to how the principle responded to the incident.

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    I'm with the others. Get the IEP but file a formal complaint about this teacher NOW. Your son needs you to fight for him. If you let her get away with this because he needs the math grade, you've given him the message that a grade is more important than his feelings. Not a message you may mean to give him but the message he will get.

    No child deserves that kind of treatment from a teacher. I don't care how disruptive a child is (mine was a pro at throwing things up to and including a desk when she didn't want to do something), a teacher has no right to bully and humiliate a student like this one did.

    Give your son an extra big hug from all of us, we're on his side. The. teacher. was. wrong!!!!
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    Wow. Now I've heard everything.
    Definitely file a formal complaint.
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    You've got some good advice so far about how to get started pursuing an iep. Start now, the process is long and if he qualifies, you'll want it in place for early next school year. As for this teacher and this school year--what an outrage! A meeting with the teacher, the principal, and you is in order. She needs to explain her actions face to face and apologize. She should also explain and apolgize to difficult child. The school should take disciplinary action or at the very least make sure she doesn't do this to anyone else.
    Getting out of her class is not such a bad idea, too bad you son couldn't have switch classes sooner!
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    What an a** that teacher is - probably should have retired years ago or is too green to handle our kids! Shame on her!!!!! I'm in full agreement with the rest - get an IEP and tell her to go screw!
    Treat life like a dog - if you can't eat it or screw it, **** on it and walk away!
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    when I read your post the word "lawyer" came to mind. How horrible for her to expose your child like that, by involving his peers! I would be writting the superindendant for the town and the county!
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    I would not only file papers for the IEP (check out the Spec. Ed forum for help in wording this, and in filing it. I would contact NAMI (National Assoc for the Mentally Ill) and the ACLU to see if they can help you.

    This is the time to contact your state rep and senator, and your State Board of Ed, as well as the School Board and your National representatives and senators, AND after school is out, the MEDIA.

    I would not mention the words lawyer and media to the school until after school. I WOULD sue for the school district to pay for independent therapy with the therapist of YOUR choice to help your child overcome the agony this must have him enduring.

    You may also want to include having them pay for private tutoring over the summer AND private school tuition and transportation if he just can't return to the school next year. It would be so very hard to be around those children next year.

    Personally, I think the actions of this teacher are criminal.

    There certainly MUST be more qualified teachers/tutors to help him learn what he needs to. And he may have dyscalculia, a learning disorder similar to dyslexia but pertaining to math.

    I wonder what other students she has pulled this disgusting stunt on? Students with families who would not speak up for them?

    Sending hugs, and prayers for the entire family.


    ps. Please make sure, when you are speaking about this where your son can hear, that he KNOWS (way down deep) that you are angry at this witch in teacher's clothing, NOT at him. As children (even as old as he is) we tend to think if our parents are angry about a situation we had a part in, they are angry at us.
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    When you file the complaint about the teacher, I think you might want to mention that this is in direct violation of the various privacy acts in education (whether he had an IEP or not) and also falls under the bullying criteria (providing a hostile educational environment) so, if he suffers any repercussions in the 18 days left of school, you'll include that information when you go to see the lawyer on Wednesday.

    (oh, you don't REALLY have to see a lawyer...just let them know that you mean business!!!).

    Let us know how it works out!!

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    As a teacher, I agree that your difficult child's math teacher was totally out of line. You need to write a complaint to the superintendent and principal NOW, so that bad eggs like her don't ruin the entire profession. I am so sorry for what your son is going through, but I understand it as my difficult child had a similar situation. Unfortunately, it was parents who ganged up on my son and the teacher, and since it was at a private school, my son was not allowed to re-enroll for the following school year. I wouldn't have allowed him to go back anyway, especially after the way we were treated.

    When I requested an IEP, I hand delivered the letter to the principal and got a written receipt, and sent a copy to the Asst. Sup. for Spec. Ed via certified, return receipt mail. Because the school year is almost out, there is little chance that your difficult child will be tested soon. In the meantime, you may want to get private testing that you can provide to the school district in the fall. Many school districts don't accept it and will want to do their own testing, but if there are any discrepancies between the private testing and the school district's, it gives you some leverage for either retesting or at least an appeal.

    Definitely take a look at the Special Education Forum for more information. Good luck!
  20. Omg my head is spinning from all the responds~~Very grateful for it all. I spoke to the principal today can you believe he said he defended her actions and he wish now that he had not showed me or given me copies of those papers. Well I gave him an earful for sure. The Iss teacher and counselor was in there to. He decided (my son) that he would put himself in ISS so he wouldn't have to go to that math class ever again. The principal was like "well after the End Of Grade testing is over if my difficult child acts up one more time he was sending him home permanently. I don't know what to say or do first please tell me..