Canadian Program for Alcoholics


Roll With It
I just watched this video about a Canadian program for severe alcoholics that failed all other programs.
The Pour : Treating Alcoholics with Wine - the fifth estate

I found it very interesting. In some ways it is a different approach and maybe it could help some people. It is an approach that most definitely would have to be implemented by the government or a company. If a family tried to do this for a loved one, it would certainly bring about extreme tension and heartache for all. It wouldn't bring anything positive in the long run or the short run.

Do you think this would help reducing the problems that alcoholics face in the long run? Short run? What would you do if one of your loved ones accepted a place in a program like this? I know there was a program in the USA where the alcoholic had a certain amount of alcohol each day, of whatever kind they liked. They had the option of keeping it under their control and consuming it as they chose or else letting staff keep their alcohol. If staff kept their alcohol, the booze was doled out in set amounts at set times, and it was more or less treated like a prescription. I don't know if that program is still running or what the outcome was for patients was in the long run. I do know that after a year or two, some patients tapered their alcohol consumption because they no longer felt they needed it.