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    Hi! Have any of you guys sent care packages to Baghdad? I've been corresponding with a soldier over there and thought that it would be fun to put together a care package for Easter.

    Any suggestions as to what to send and the time frame that it takes to send it there (how long do I have and would it get there for Easter?). He's 55 and no family - career military.

    Just trying to get an idea!

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    We did for a long time until our guys came home - and I can tell you this much -

    SOCKS - they have NO PLACE to wash them and the ones Walmart sells - that prevent sweating? PERFECT - they throw them away after they wear them about 3-4 days. Pocket sized note pads. We sent our guy candy but they told us they had TONS of hard candy. Bandanas - (biker style) washed a few times for softness.

    That was about it - that and small stuff like potted meat, vienna sausages - stuff for writing, stamps. Stuff from kids - like handmade cards. And believe it or not - games and kids fun stuff - like silly putty - jacks - junk like that. Sounds silly - but they had fun with it. No idea why. Guess just stress relievers. Disposable cameras.
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