Carson has been admitted to a behavioral unit...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Chaosuncontained

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    He has been, basically manic, for over 3 weeks. It was heartbreaking to leavwye him there last night. I have a meeting this morning with his doctor and staff. They have a tenative discharge date of April 12. But the told Carson it would be more like 2 weeks. Hes over an hour from us but I will see him every night for an hour. This is the hardest thing by far...
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    Oh wow, I am glad he is somewhere to get help but it is soo hard. That is how far Q was too and it was tiring but of course worth it. I hope it is just the shorter time. Did they say if they had any ideas for a medication plan yet? Or too early for that?

    I am sorry for your mommy heart, having to leave him there. I hope he is able to be assured by staff there and they can help quickly. Poor Carson, Hugs to you....
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    I am sorry to her this, I can't imagine the pain that would cause you. I worry that my daughter will be hospitilized and we are in the same boat, at least an hour away. hang in ther knowing he is safe!!
  4. Chaosuncontained

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    I have a meeting at 1015 this morning. I have a list of questions... Lol
  5. buddy

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    I bet you do! I hope it goes well. Hope you can see him too since you have to drive all that way.... would be nice to have an earlier visit but I suppose it could wreck the routine. HUGS and strength to you. Always thinking of you. You are such an amazing support to me and I hope you know I think of you often.
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    This is always hard.
  7. Malika

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    I'm very sorry to hear that. Do the medications have any part to play in the manic behaviour?
  8. SocRocks

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    Sorry to hear this. Be strong I know it's hard.
  9. TerryJ2

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    Oh, many hugs for you and Carson. And I am so glad he is getting the help he needs. Driving away the first time is the hardest thing you ever have to do. Sigh.
    Let us know if your questions were successfully answered.
  10. Chaosuncontained

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    Thank you all for your encouraging words of support.

    A little background: In the last year Carson has gained 30+ pounds. He was VERY skinny before--the ADHD medication he was on gave him NO appettite. We added Abilify to help with his moods but it caused weight gain with little to no effect on his moods. So we switched to Respiridone. His weight went CRAZY. He is a few numbers away from being considered obese. Three weeks ago (give or take a day or two) we decided to take him OFF the Respiridone. He went into a manic episode. So we tried Trileptal. After another week--NO CHANGE. Still manic. So we put him BACK on Risperadone. Still no change. Calls from the Principal EVERY DAY--sometimes twice. Motor mouth. Less sleep. Kicking people. Calling me and teachers names. He was literally like the Tazmanian Devil. Swirling around, into everything. Exhausting me, his teachers, peers, siblings, family... He failed the writing portion of the STARR test--because he refused to do it. He has ran out in traffic, hid from me in a store because he was angry. Choked a girl at a local pizza eatery and had several crying jags over MINOR things (like he couldn't find the remote and it was the end of his world).

    An emergency appointment with his doctor and we decided to hospitialize him.

    The attending doctor is planning on discontinuing his Strattera (60mg) and cutting back on his Clonodine (0.2mg). Leaving his Risperdone (1.5mg) and Celexa (I think its 10mg) as is...for now. And adding Depakote. He has therapies (group and individual) scheduled all day...but he hasnt attended any yet (refusing). They are tentatively thinking he will be there for about 7 days but it could be more.

    The day he was admitted he was very hyper, manic, excited to be there. 3 hours later when I went back for visitation he was tearful, "bored", WHINY and clingy and asked to go home. But he didn't cry when I left. This morning he cussed out a nurse and refused to eat breakfast. I saw him after the "staffing" meeting and he had been he was quiet and clingy. Again he didn't cry when I left. He's already fought with the two other boys on his unit (not fist fights--yelling).

    I came home last night and cried while I picked up his back pack and clothes off the floor. Even seeing his medication container was upsetting.

    I told the doctor that my goal wasnt to leave with a perfect Carson. Just a better one than I brought in. But this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It may (may?) be harder on me than it seems to be on him right now. I can only see him for one hour each night (730-830). And I live an hour and 15 minutes away. Like I said, it's hard.
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    Sending lots of hugs to you! If you can, try to rest yourself and replenish your energy level while he is being helped at the hospital. You obviously took a well advised decision, keep it in mind. Of course you miss him (and he probably misses you too), but you did what was best for him. Let us know how he is doing. We do care a lot!
  12. Wiped Out

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    Sending the gentlest of hugs your way. I hope you can find strength in knowing you are doing the right thing. I think you are right that it may be harder on you than on him. I say that because the times my difficult child has been hospitalized have been harder on husband and me than it was on our difficult child. We too could only visit an hour a night but we didn't live as far away.

    It is really important to take care of you during this time so you have the energy you'll need when he comes home. Would it be possible to stay home one night and do a phone call instead?

    Again, gentle hugs for your hurting heart.
  13. DammitJanet

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    Im sorry he had to be hospitalized but sometimes it is what is needed. Considering how far away it is, dont feel guilty if you decide you want to take a day off. Maybe go every other day and call him on the off days. It wont kill him. It wont make you a bad mom.
  14. buddy

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    It really sounds like he is there for all the right reasons and I agree, probably much harder on you than him. I think we are walking that find line too.... i actually threw up today when so worried about going that road again, but if needed, I guess it is needed.

    I hope the Depakote helps. have you tried that ever in the past?
  15. JJJ

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    Hope you got some sleep last night. I agree with the others, don't feel that you have to visit him every day. This is the time to recover and recharge your batteries so that you have the energy to parent him when he comes home.
  16. Wow. You have my respect. I don't have any words of advice just wanted to send you some support and another person who thinks you should remember to take care of you and make sure you get the rest you need.