Cat Servants - Scratching SOLUTION!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 3, 2014.

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    I was watching My Cat from Hades on Netflix and saw mention of something that many of us could learn to LOVE! It is a way to start the training of a cat that scratches destructively by stopping the destruction fast.

    Soft Claws are acrylic covers you glue onto the cat's claws. With these the cat is unable to scratch you because the nails don't have a sharp edge. I think they are GENIUS!! They go on like people nail tips, with superglue. You just clip the claws, put the caps on, and done.

    I found them at Petco for under $25, actually on sale for $17 now. I don't know if they have them in store, but you can order them online. The link is to the clear tips, but you can choose colored if you want. I bet other places have these, this was just the first option when I searched for them. There may also be other brands.

    I just know that we have had more than a few posts about cats who tear things up and/or hurt us, and this may give us that window of safety to reach them with other training methods. PLEASE do not use these as the only training method. They are meant to give you a way to reach your cat, NOT a way to ignore figuring out and solving the problems.

    For those with other cat issues, the show I was watching, My Cat From Hades, has some great ideas. Of course they take a time investment and a little money if you need clickers, treats, etc.... but the principals are very sound and very effective.

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    Nit a good idea. First of all, the acrylic glue rots the claws, just like it is bad for your nails. More importantly, cats don't scratch to be destructive. They scratch to leave scent markings from glands between the toes, and even more important, to exercise the muscles and stretch the tendons and ligaments of their front end.

    Much better to keep claws clipped short, and (if you can get nail caps ON the cat, you can clip claws weekly)provide something pleasant to scratch. Cats don't claw furniture because it is the best thing to claw. They claw it because there isn't anything better available.

    I've found two things that all my cats over the years thought blew the doors off the sofa or walls when it came to scratching: sisal rope wrapped around a board or post, and corrugated cardboard scratchers.

    You can make your own sisal posts by stapling stretched, soaked sisal rope around boards or rounds of wood. Provide these and cardboard scratchers at a variety of heights, angles, etc., around the house. You can rub catnip into the scratchers (many cats do not react to catnip and some reactors don't like the spray) if your cats like it.

    You can also get toys that provide a center scratcher combined with a "ball in track" that the cat can bat at but not get out. Playing with the toy encourages scratching.

    I've got one cat that prefers a flat scratcher (cardboard thank you very much) so be sure to provide a flat one as well.

    Much better than wrestling plastic caps onto chemical soaked claws (and likely sticking yourself to the cat) and denying your cat a normal and healthy means of exercise.
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    Apologies, Susie. I read too fast and replied too fast. Upon re-reading your post, I see where you say that these are not the long term solution. I still don't like the idea and prefer the idea of getting the cat something better to scratch.

    Scratching YOU by accident is resolved by clipping claws weekly, and figuring out what your cat's triggers are.
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    We have had some people so frustrated that they were considering rehoming the cat due to the issue. Or had cats that were hurting people regularly that they could not figure out how to help change the behavior.

    I don't generally like anything you attach to the animal, but in this case I see these as a short term help to keep the animal in the home and to allow the humans to figure out what is the underlying problem behind the scratching. some cats refuse scratching posts/toys/things designed to be scratched. It can be tough to figure out what they need, and these could give time to help figure this out before rehoming or destroying the animal because it is harming people or is incredibly destructive.

    Thank you for reading and posting the apology. I appreciate it.