caught myself!


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So i was thinking about sons letter. He doesnt know what he is gonna do when he gets out, where he will live. Well, i caught myself searching the internet for "good" halfway houses he could go to. Which i did last time he was in prison, but my hubby and i took him in at the last minute. Well, thats not gonna happen again according to hubby. So after catching myself, i thought no, thats between my son and probation officer on where he will live. So i went shopping!


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Yeah for you for catching yourself before you went down the enabler're a good example to your son by taking care of yourself and letting him take care of himself! As my son sits in jail right now I've been thinking about corresponding with him, thanks for the reminder of what not to do.


I also find that I am more inclined to start enabling when I haven't seen my son for awhile. I do enjoy the part about going shopping instead! Way to go! son's court date is quickly approaching. I am not sure if it will be jail time or what and he hasn't communicated with me in awhile. It is sort of in the back of my mind as I plan my work schedule and really, it's not like it's my court date. Ugggg! Struggling with that one, like other people on this site I am sure.