Change of Plans...


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Here is a story that I heard on the radio. I don't remember it word for word, but I think that you all will get the gist.

A couple were getting ready to go to Australia. They were all packed with their summer clothing and knew where they wanted to tour. They had their hotels and travel plans all set. They knew where they wanted to eat.

So, they get on the plane. But when the plane lands, they are in England, in the middle of winter. At first, the wife has a meltdown. Her perfect vacation is ruined. They don't have an itinerary; they don't know where they will stay or eat; they don't even have the right clothes! Then, after she calms down, she realizes that even though this isn't what was planned, this is where there plane landed. They are there and they will make the most of it. Maybe they will end up in a horrible hotel room or get food poisoning from a bad restaurant, but in the end, they will still be together and have a fabulous adventure along the way.

Anyway, a lady on the radio told this story. This was her way of thinking after she had a disabled child. She and her husband had made all these plans for a perfect child, but they had to change their plans when they found out their child was "different." It wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't be their dream, but it would be okay.

I thought that we could all relate to this and maybe get a new perspective on our difficult child's. We may not have "perfect families," but that's okay. They are still our children and we love them. But it is okay to be upset that the plans changed.


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Reminds me of the book "Play The Ball Where The Monkey Lands It"

There was a golf course in Japan where the monkeys used to come and steal the balls in play and throw them. They tried putting a fence around it but the monkeys could scale it. They tried using nets but the monkeys were getting stuck and hurt. So, they eventally decided to just go with the flow and play the ball where the monkey landed them.

True story, but the book is about why sometimes bad things happen to good people and why we can't always look for, or expect, answers and explanations in life.



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We all did the "nothings wrong with MY kid" speech to ourselves at first and then figured out how to :warrior:

Thanks for the clarity Steph!



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Nice story. :smile: Thanks for posting it.

Would love to read the "Monkey" story.

If you really think about it, most things in life are not as we imagine they might be. Some are better, some are worse and some are just plain different.

It is too bad that we have to remind ourselves of this practically everyday, but nothing's perfect, right?? :laugh: