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  1. my daughter had a melt down last sunday night...a different kind..normally after a melt down...she has a "crash" where she is very appologetic, sorry...and tired...sleeps and is all better and embarrassed it happened.
    Sunday crash..monday still no crash... doctor appointment and he increased her depakote from 250mg morning and night to 250 morning with 5mg of abilify...afternoon/night 500 mg of depakote and at bedtime rozerem. She didnt like the effect of the rozerem first night, said it didnt help her sleep and actually kept her awake....she stayed home Tuesday and slept all day. Wednesday...she could barely stay awake at school, got in some trouble for not paying attention...came home and went to sleep...went to gymnastics and then to sleep...then home and asleep. She did not want to get up this morning... and has already called me from school to come get her cause she is so tired..her head hurts, her eyes hurt..etc.

    She loves school...she loves to be away from me... and have her friends, social life, cheerleading..etc. But she wants to come home today which means she will miss cheer practice and therefore not be able to cheer at the game... to me this says: something isnt right. whether its the medications or we have changed our cycles and now we are in an extended "down phase" we have never had with this bipolar...

    my question is this. Do I go and get her at school to keep her from sabbotaging herself at school? Do I make her suffer it out??? I have called the doctor but he hasnt called back yet and I need to make a decision about TODAY pretty darn soon.

    Truthfully since this latest phase..I would rather leave her at school ...she exhausts me with her constant arguing and seemingly intentional disobedience and/or bending of every rule... butttttttttt.... I want her to be successful at school and if she pulls the chit at school she pulls at home when she is like this...those teachers are soon going to "not like" her.

    She has missed about 8 days of school this year so far...
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    You know what? I myself tried the Rozeram and it kept ME awake too. It was crazy.
    It is so hard to decide what to do, go get her, leave her there. Maybe you can call or get in touch with the teacher and see how she thinks your daughter is doing today. ?? I'm not much help, sorry but I can sympathize with you.
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    I believe in supporting them enough so they can keep it together at school. In this case your daughter has had a medication change that may really be giving her a physical problem and a real reason to stay home. Neither of my kids has ever acted out at school but I've always felt it would take just one incident to change everyone's perception of them.

    However, I currently have a daughter at home who on a good day goes to school 1/2 day. She has some physical symptoms but also has a lot of anxiety. I've been waiting for the physical problems to resolve and so far it isn't happening. She had some medication changes contribute to this as well. It's been going on for more than 2 months. Obviously, this hasn't protected her reputation at school since everyone knows something is going on with her.

    So I may not be the best person to give advice. LOL
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    I wouldn't hesitate to get her. As you said, she loves school so this isn't an excuse to come home, it is a valid complaint.
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    Your daughter is on three very sedating medications. The increase in Depakote alone is enough to make her sleepy during the day. She may not need the Rozerem at all. I'm guessing she's overmedicated and really is sleepy at school. I'd go pick her up.
  6. picked her up...she is verrrrrrrrrrry tired. I try to make her help me in the yard..thinking i need to keep her awake..and get her some exercise...nope..she is tired...falling out while trying to help... so i left a message for the doctor this am...explained it to his nurse very specifically. she is no taking the rozerem since the first night ...that was monday night and still today, thursday something is wrong.. he left me a message to stop the rozerem

    she has some form of sleep apnea..has since birth... she has bruxism (teethgrinding), sleep walking, those crazy jerk things ( i have them too)... she sleeps..just not good restful sleep... and i understand that..but normally we get by and she can make it. I too believe this is too much drugs and it is zoning her. I will attempt to get hold of the doctor again tomorrow.

    Honestly I am learning..if there is something you dont like...hold on something equally icky is on the
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    Is this the first time she's ever been on Abilify? APs are notorious for making kids sleepy, but the effect does tend to wear off as the body adjusts to it. However, I will tell you that my daughter has been on Zyprexa for 1.5 years and she still falls asleep easily at night and sleeps soundly all night long. If your daughter continues to be sleepy, you might ask the psychiatrist to cut the Abilify in half until she adjusts to it.