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    Jess and I went to Dollar Tree today and I found something that would be a great gift item for girls and/or women who like nail stuff. They have a nail polish that is all one long tube with 3 sections. The bottom unscrews and has little rhinestones in 3 sizes. The midle is the nail polish and the top has the brush that goes into the polish. the top of the brush has a lid that unscrews and has a pen in it. You squeeze the nail polish part and you get the polish coming out through a very fine pen. it does nice thin lines or little dots, whichever you want. They had them in gold, silver and a neon green at the dollar tree we were at.

    These would be awesome in stockings, for secret santa things, or with other polishes and a nice nail file or manicure tool set. I was pleasantly surprised by these as they dry quickly but not too fast to put the stones on etc...

    We were looking for a gold nail polish a few days ago at Walgreens and the Sinful Colors brand had the nicest one and it was only $1.99. I tested it next to the Revlon and the SC brand was far nicer. The color was a better shade of gold, it covered far better and was not just fine gold glitter in clear polish the way the Revlon one seemed to be, and ti dries fast but not so fast you cannot put a jewel or whatever in it. (My niece likes the gems in them so I was checking for that). Any of the SC colors is a good deal, in my opinion!

    The other good, small cosmetic type thing for girls/women that I have come across is a line at Sally Beauty supply called Sally Girl. It is small containers of lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc... for just 99 cents. the lip gloss is well pigmented so it doesn't look one color and go on with very little color. The lipstick is very moisturizing and has good color as well. they have one lip gloss in a tube that I have not tried, but the kind with the applicator is great for my lips which have been very chapped lately. In the lipstick they have one that is clear, it looks white in the tube but doesn't go on white, that is incredibly moisturizing and not heavy or goopy in any way. Sally's also has some darling little nail files with holiday designs on them, cute nail clippers etc..., and little bottles of matte top coat for nails that are a dollar or less. I got the matte top coat for 69 cents per bottle and it works really well.

    I know that around now we all have the various secret santa things and other occasions where we want a small gift or a fun bot not expensive gift, so I thought I would share these.
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    Will be perfect for Kayla. :)

    Nana convinced her mother that makeup on 13 yr old girls is not inappropriate if said 13 yr old girls are taught how to properly apply it per their age. (not try to look 20 something and trampy)

    Sadly I think I'm teaching mom as much as daughter. Katie has like turned into the iron maiden discipline wise with Kayla and I'm having to be the buffer, while trying to convince Katie there are more important battles in the future than makeup and hair dye.
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    I love little stuff like that.

    The sinful colors polish is comparable with opi, in my opinion, and much much less expensive! I have lots of it in different colors.

    Lisa, we bought Belle light colored makeup at age ten for just that reason... to keep her from going trampy. It didn't work, but different kid and different situation.
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    If your girls or woman friends have longer hair and like to put it up, spin pins are amazing. They don't stress the hair the way elastic bands do and they are great even for my thick very long hair (down to my tushie). The Goody ones are in any walmart type store and are $7-$8 but if you go to Hobby Lobby they are way cheaper. Back in the bead section where they have the barrette blanks to put bows etc on, you can get a set of 3 spin pins (not called that, but they are metal spirals about the size of a corkscrews twisty part) for $1.99. You can go online and most of the time they have a free coupon for 40% off any one item. Lots of times they have them on sale for 40-50% off in their add, just look for when the findings are mentioned. They work as well or better than the brand name and the brand name set I bought before I found these broke after 2-3 uses. The pair I have now has lasted for months of use about every other day.

    You can attach ribbon to the end or bead or whatever you want on the part that shows when they are in your hair. It is easy to do, and for a special outfit or a little girl who likes ribbons in her hair, it is fun.