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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I just checked my bank statement online and noticed a VISA POS transaction that I didnt recognize. It was only for $11.89 but the name of the vendor was not known to me...ATALA Design plus my debit card is purposefully messed up by me so it cannot be swiped at a business. I can use it online and I can have a store enter the digits but they make me show ID and its always a pain so I know when its me. I rarely do this.

    I knew this wasnt me!

    Anyway...I did a google search on this name and I came up with a host of Rip Off scams. Seems this is linked to the Russian Mafia. They do this to people under the names of ATALA, Sensate technology and a few other names. The amounts of money are always small...under $13 and always for odd amounts, not even numbers. Most people wouldnt notice this small of a purchase probably especially if it was a husband and wife on the account thinking the other one just stopped for gas or something.

    So look for odd amounts that you didnt swipe your card for in amounts ranging from 8 something to 12 something. Also it doesnt appear that this is linked to using your card online. Some people have been hit that only used their card at brick and mortar stores and one person who had never used their card at all!
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    Is this just debit cards or credit cards too?
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    I have the same question Janet...
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    It is happening on both debit and credit cards. Google Atala Designs and check out the rip off reports.