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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by witzend, Jul 23, 2008.

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    I can't remember who had posted about their difficult child chewing on the clothing, but something occurred to me today on the subject. As I mentioned on the other thread, when I was adolescent, I do remember chewing on my shirts for a while. I also chew gum daily now. But what occurred to me today is that to this day, I also grind my teeth. I wear a bite guard at night to prevent further damage to them, because that's when I do it the most. But, I grind them during the day, too. Chewing gum seems to make me bite down less hard. But it might be a good idea to have your child's dentist look at their teeth for signs of grinding. It's terrible for the teeth, hard on the jaw, and makes it difficult to relax. Perhaps a bite guard could help.
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    My child has been chewing on his clothing for the past three weeks or so...It is ruining his t-shirts. He also does grind his teeth...I've been offerring him straws to chew instead of his clothing...I also introduced gum, but his chewing it for a few minutes than swallowing it..the pack is gone within a few minutes.

    I've also recently decreased his trileptal just a bit...and since then he's more irritable and quite oral...

    I've also purchased sugar free ice breakers...and he's also been asking to chew some ice as well...and lots of sugar free popsicle..

    And he also wants to eat all day long.....
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    after I was assaulted in 2001 (the kids were home asleep when it happened) difficult child II was in preschool, he chewed on the neckline of his shirts for about a year, he'd have a huge ring of wet clothe around his neck!!! He finally stopped, I often wondered if that was his anxiety and/or reaction to what happened?
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    My difficult child chews on his clothes and even mine if he is sitting next to me when his anxiety starts kicking in. He will be allowed to chew gum in school if needed.

    He is constantly in the orthodontist or dentist with process of braces. We have not seen symptoms of grinding.

    That is a real good theory regarding chewing leading to or a result of grinding. I am going to keep asking the orthodontist and dentist about it each time he goes in.

    Thank you Witzend! ;)
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    my son bit and chewed shirts for a long time. I even have a school picture with the wet spot showing. He bites his nails now, and mine too if I don't pull away fast enough. I guess this is a pretty common symptom of anxiety.