CHICKEN POX! Both g'sfg... help!!!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Does it get any worse???
So yesterday we took difficult child 2 to her developmental consult with- pediatrician... she said "red flags" all over the place!!! Said pretty sure about Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and lets wait on the Mood Disorder because of her and age and because of where we live... we are going to start Occupational Therapist (OT)... and try to get her into a pre-school to help her socialize. One that pediatrician recommended, problem is most of them are full. She thinks it is looking like a Mood Disorder... :frown:
difficult child 2 was super social and showed above average intelligence all of that... but kept falling back into her angry sensory world.

So I am sad that it confirms something is going on...but it is documented and a start.

So we wake up this a.m..... difficult child 1 is covered in bumps!!! itchy, she was getting in the bath, after the bath I looked at them and could see the raised puss area!!! (I was concerned about a medication rash) I have a call into out pediatrician.

difficult child 2 gets up and she is developing bumps!!! Thank goodness husband is here until Wed. (back to court)!!!
difficult child 2 has a problem with- scratching herself bloody!!! obsessing about any marks on her body.
husband is going to get all the chicken pox equipment... any suggestions for g'sfg??? We are in for a long week.... this sucks.


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So sorry!

Too bad you're in Idaho. I'm in VA and difficult child hasn't had the shot yet. I'd be over to your house in a flash! It's much better when they get it, because it will pretty much give them lifelong immunity. (Notwithstanding shingles later.) The shots only last 4-5 yrs. :frown:

Good luck with-everything.


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Just a trick for you. Take an old roll on bottle(deodorant emptied out), fill it with the Calamine lotion, and let htem roll it on when they itch. It helps with not scratching, and also lets them have some control. Also, very messy, but effective are oatmeal baths.

Hope they feel better soon!


T, I'm so sorry. No advice -- my kids all got the Chicken Pox immunizations (plus boosters).

It is going to be a long week. But I agree with Donna. Better all at once than three weeks apart.

Hugs to you and the girls!


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Sending sympathy your way. Both our boys got it at the same time
too. I kept the AC reved so the house was cool, changed sheets
and pillowcases frequently, made them each their own "mat" area
for watching tv without being too near each other and used the
Calamine frequently.

The good news is that it usually (itchiness) passes quickly. Of
course they can't go back to school until they look normal. Ugh!
I'm so sorry!!! What a nightmare!!! I like Got2Sleep's idea about filling an old roll on bottle with calamine (sp?) lotion. My kids had the vaccine. However, I better call the pedi's office and make sure they got the booster too. I just can't remember!!! Maybe a touch of alzheimer's???

As Donna723 said, at least they got it at the same time!!!

Sending cyber hugs and hoping you get through this as smoothly as possible. WFEN


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Thank's for the sympathy.... pediatrician said they are getting the booster next month!!! HA HA!!
difficult child 1 was immunized about 4 years ago. Our pediatrician is calling in a sedative for
difficult child 2 ...THANK YOU! She is afraid of infection due to her obsession with any cut, scratch or mark on her body!!!

I know it is better that they have it together, but it hasn't even gotten bad yet!!! And they are going crazy!!!

Poor things.


caladryl, bendadryl (check for medication interactions)_and itch with a blow dryer (on warm or cool)


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:bath: Aveeno oatmeal bath worked wonders for my easy child when he got the pox. After the bath, we'd give him his polka-dots with calamine lotion.

Just remember: this too shall pass. Sorry your kidlets have it, it's no fun.


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I am so sorry!!! You got lots of good advice and I don't have more to add. mine had them separately and so long ago! I hope the week goes fast and things are not too bad!!


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Both of mine got them together right around the same time my mother in law died. And I was separated from their father. ARGHHH!

Here's hoping the itchies stay away.


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I don't understand why the pediatrician would recommend a booster after they've already had the real thing. S/he's kidding, right?
It stinks nasty, but witch hazel actually took the sting out a little better than the calamine. I remember it on myself, as I had the chicken pox when I was 10.
Definitely get the aveeno oatmeal baths. And a good cleanser for your tub. That stuff is very gritty.
You have my sympathies and big hugs.


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Benedryl, oatmeal baths, baking soda baths, dusting with baking soda, they have a spray on benedryl, cover the hands at night with gloves if the kids will let you.

If its warm enough where you are or if you can do it in the bathtub a lot in tepid bathwater with oatmeal baths. It helps. You can make your own with baby oatmeal in pantyhose. Swish it in the bath and let it sit.

This too shall pass.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Thank you everyone... it is only 6 p.m. here and they are driving us crazy!!! We have all of the itch stuff!!! They are doing OK itch wise. But now they are going stir crazy!!! We have ice cream, cookies, movies, I even set up stations for arts and crafts close by the couch...

TerryJ2 -The pediatrician was laughing because the booster is not available for us yet! They are getting it in a month! We are a month early...

Oh give us strength!!!


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Ohhhh...wanna hear a fun thing that can be done since you will be bathing them so often anyway?

Get some cheap shaving cream and either a cheap plastic table cloth or a cheap plastic shower curtain and put it on the kitchen floor. Strip the kids to their undies and put a big blob of shaving cream in the middle of the plastic mat and ...ok...two blobs...and let them finger paint the mat. And each other...and you! You can even add a bit of food coloring to it if you so desire and it all washes off in the bath.

My kids loved this when they were little.

You can also do this in the bathtub.

Painting with pudding is also fun...and edible!

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God bless you - my sister & I had both the measles & the chicken pox at the same time. My mother was pregnant with my younger sister & was driven mad by our constant demands & itching.

I believe my dad ended up taking a week off work to help.

Other than the benadryl & the oatmeal baths I can't think of anything else to do.


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Baking soda in the bath water helps dry it up quickly and socks or mittens on their hands to prevent scratching the sores. I also found it helped to tell my difficult child that if he scratched he could get scars. It was true as he has a tendancy toward keloids. The socks on his hands were a reminder and he did really well. -RM


You poor thing. You have my sympathy.

Itching can make one very agitated and irritable. Might want to try some relaxation techniques as well.