CHICKEN POX! Both g'sfg... help!!!


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Cotton gloves or socks on the hands is especially important at night because they can scratch in their sleep. Oatmeal baths, bicarb soda baths, witch hazel sounds good (I don't think it stinks; I like the smell, I use it in my home-made skin toner).

And keep them occupied somehow. Can you set up some educational software on the computer for them? Even difficult child 2 - kids do well with computer learning. difficult child 3 was using the computer before he was 12 months old. A very simple program, matching the number on the screen to the number on the keyboard. There are all sorts of things, including interactive books (she should enjoy "Arthur" if someone reads the words to her). You click on various things and they move or make noises. It's really good for even very young kids, they have fun and keep distracted from their spots AND they also learn without even being aware of it!

Or - you could read books to them, lots of books. Let them fall asleep as you read, at least in the early stages.



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My two had it within days of each other when difficult child was only 7 months old. For him, he was really too young to really scratch. Baking soda baths and aveeno oatmeal baths were great (the baking soda bath is much cleaner!).

With easy child, we just gave her a bowl of calamine and a paintbrush and told her to paint herself!

At least it will be over in a few days.......



This really has me interested. I thought with the vacine you would not get Chicken Pox. difficult child is 12 and nobody ever mentioned a booster.

easy child had chickn pox (every inch of him) when he was 2. 22 years later (last year) he ended up with a bad case of shingles.??
I thought if you had a bad case you were immune.

Guess I am just clueless in this area. Guess I will be calling pediatrician on Monday. Surely do NOT want to go through Chicken Pox with difficult child.

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I'm sure you must be going crazy-them as well. I remember when we were kids all three of us had it at once-I'm sure not fun for my parents.

easy child had it when she was almost two-not too bad. difficult child has had the vaccine so hopefully he will be able to avoid it.

Hugs to you.