Classroom / teacher modifications for ODD


Managing ODD in the classroom

There are many things that a teacher can do to avoid/diffuse meltdowns and ODD'ness in the classroom.

I will begin to list just some of the basics here and I suggest that you make a copy for your child's teacher and send it to them.

Often times this will be met with resistance especially with non-sped teachers because they say "its not my job".

Allow me to assure you that Congress "invited them to the party" with the reauthorization of IDEA 97 in that they said... MORE children must be mainstreamed.

This is an excellent format for any 504 plan you write, and must be adhered to for students who are behavior disordered.

* I write a 504 plan to compliment IEP'S.. so this is an example of what that looks like.

1) Parent will meet with all difficult child's teachers to present Parent Report and explain ODD, and its impact on their child.

* this should be done at beginning of year and should take at least 1 hour, all teachers must be in attendance, and should come prepared with materials to take notes, and ideas or input on what has worked/failed for them with difficult child.

2) Teacher will assess difficult child's mood and behavior as he enters classroom to determine "state" and observe any signs of agitation.

* the most important thing is to not be asleep at the wheel... often times teachers fail to even notice warning signs of impending meltdown, as they just get on with starting class, and overlook clues. Remember difficult child has just passed class and was in contact with many triggers such as peers or perhaps are reminded that they don't have assignment done, and can be very anxious about class starting. A quick assessment of body language can cue a sharp teacher to act quickly to divert trouble. Given the fact that safety is a huge concern to all.. this should not be limited to just difficult child.. but all students. ( wonder if anyone did this at Columbine? )

3. Inservice training will be provided to staff ( difficult child's teachers ) on non-confrontational techniques to utilize, and staff will be tested and achieve a 95% score or above on the test to determine competency.

* this is actual language in a 504 that I recently wrote, and the teachers... 7 of them all passed.

4. A communication plan will be developed for staff, parent and difficult child. Good communication skills will be modeled for difficult child by staff & parents.

* this means no pissin matches in front of difficult child ever! If parent or staff don't like plans or ideas.. they don't "feed' displeasure to difficult child.

5.Parents and staff will model and promote appropriate self advocacy skills for difficult child, and encourage expression of feelings with out fear of retaliation.

* this means that if difficult child has a complaint that he will be taught how to "FIX it once Fix it WRITE" and that the complaint will be heard and responded to appropriately.
If he feels a teacher or staff person is picking on him/her than he will be allowed to express that in a safe and retaliation free environment.

If the complaint is about treatment at school difficult child will be assisted in writing state complaint.

* staff and parents will not defend, just accept and allow expression.


This is an actual 504 plan in place this year, and I am Happy to report that neither the student, staff or parents have had ANY problems thus far.

This is a big deal in this case where I was getting 4-5 calls per week on him last year.

I will come back and continue after a break.. been typing since 5:00 am.


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