I thank God my son has been clean of drugs for almost a year, including cigarettes and alcohol. He still has stomach issues and vomiting every once in a while. I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the body to recover from all these things? He has taken cocaine, which he thought maybe have been the culprit, but he did all kinds of stuff. He is doing great otherwise. Thank you.


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I am no medical person but I think he should go to the doctor. I am not aware of any conditions that would cause vomiting after being off drugs for a year. But I want to congratulate him on his sobriety, great job. I'm sure you are very proud of him.


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Once my daughter quit drugs, including cigarettes too (congratulations!!) she was healthy right away. I wonder if, during his drug use, your son screwed up his stomach and it needs additional attention. Like Nancy, I think it's best to see a gastro man. I don't believe this is normal.

Congrats again to your boy!!!!! See, everyone? IT HAPPENS!


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A gastro doctor and some tests are my suggestion also. It seems as though an ulcer caused by h. pylori could be the culprit. If so, he must abstain from ALL ALCOHOL while on the medication. Even swishing with alcohol based mouthwash can cause problems.

I am glad he is clean and has been for a year. That is hard work and continues to be hard work. The substances he abused would likely only be causing the stomach issues if he has relapsed or has an infection or scar tissue left from the sub abuse.
Thank you very much. He is not using. He doesn't even see his druggie friends anymore. He told me back when he was using that cocaine eats away the lining of your stomach. I told him about H. pylori because I had a friend who had that and she was able to get treatment, and I also used to work in the medical field. It only bothers him every once in a while but he has called in sick at work from it before. Speaking of work, he is so diligent and responsible. It is an awesome thing to watch. He enjoys spending time with my husband (his Dad) and I and has gotten us nice gifts for our birthdays and Christmas. He used to barely acknowledge our birthdays or come home to see us because he was so messed up. I am so thankful and feel for the people on this board. It is a very hard thing to go through.


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Hi Tia,

I totally understand the pain, panic, and hope to save her. So to answer your question.

First let yourself feel the pain....but limit it. So feel it and then distract yourself. One thing for me was to get to the point where I made a consious decision not to let my son ruin my life, no matter what he did to his.

And then it has been finding support and other parents who understand. So this site was one thing. The other for me was finding a wonderful alanon meeting for parents.

And then it was finding some things that interest me and doing them. Learning to build my life for me and not have it all about him.

Hope this helps.