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    I was looking on-line for some inspirational ideas and found this article from a professional organizer about cleaning your bedroom. She really made a lot of valid points about hanging on to things we don't need. She wasn't just talking about material things, but our overall outlook and pitfalls.

    I thought I'd share, because it seemed very insightful.

    Inhale and infuse yourself with power for the day with fresh clean scents around you. A scented candle, fresh flowers on your nightstand, scented soaps, lotions, or oils.

    What do you feel? Overwhelmed, depressed, drained, or rejuvenated and renewed?

    Renew and elevate your Spirit by embracing the day upon waking, take a big stretch, read an affirmation, your spiritual book, or a daily inspiration. Pray or meditate.

    Write down what you would like to see, hear, smell, and feel when you first awake. What do you have to do to feed your senses and your Spirit?

    When you start clearing the clutter out of your senses, you will begin to become open and aware to receiving those things that can feed your body, soul, and spirit.

    If you feed your spirit and your mind upon waking, your day will run smoother. You’ll become more aware of what’s going on around you and within you.

    Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life, writes in one of his daily inspirations for heart-centered living:
    *…Each day is like a life unto itself, and so the first minutes of each day are the formative minutes. We must take special care to sound the keynote that will set the tone for our entire day. How do you begin your day? Do you spend it with God, in peace, in attunement with yourself? Or do you pop out of bed and immediately dive into the busy-ness of the day, postponing your soul’s needs in favor of lesser activities? *

    He goes on to say, * Take at least the first 20 minutes of your day to meditate, pray, read an inspiring book, practice yoga or tai chi, walk in the woods, sing, dance, or engage in any practice that links you to a higher power. Establish your center, and the day that follows will reflect clarity, strength, and love. Any time you spend with Spirit will be returned throughout the day. Even a few seconds of closing your eyes and remembering the presence of love will make a big difference. At the end of your day, be with God before entering sleep. The formative minutes will build the consciousness that makes a productive life. *

    If you’d like to learn to mediate or need help in this area, John Edward, author of Understanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides, has a wonderful audio tape with some amazing exercises.

    I love the mediating exercise in which Mr. Edwards teaches; how to * breath in Universal positive energy and force out any negative energy you are holding in your body. Giving your body permission to surrender your negative energy.

    I’d like to give you permission to rid yourself of all the negative clutter and stuff in your bedroom.

    If something reminds you of how much weight you’ve gained, get rid of it!

    If something makes you sad or unhappy, get rid of it!

    If something brings back bad memories, get rid of it!

    If something makes you feel dated, get rid of it!

    If something is broken (you’ll never use it again or will cost more to fix then replace), or irreparable, get rid of it!

    If something from your past would embarrass your loved ones after you gone, get rid of it!

    If something doesn’t mean anything to you any longer, get rid of it!

    She finishes by saying that it's not about making your room (or your heart?) tidy, it's about getting rid of the things that keep us from using it for what it's made for - rest, relaxation, rejuvenation.
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    THIS IS GENIUS!!!! and I went and bought a Gla-day candle pumpkin spice for my office and it really REALLY DID relax me.

    Thanks-this one is going on the fridge and out to many!

    BRILLIANT Witz!!!
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    Witz, thanks for sharing this - my mind is a mess of clutter lately. I'm going to look in getting this book. I've been searching for a peaceful spiritual read.

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    I also think this is brilliant!

    Star, I have a pumpkin spice candle on my kitchen table. YUM! Smells so good it's making me want pumpkin pie. lol

    I do pretty good about getting rid of unecessary things. Which drives husband crazy because he's a

    But I do have a problem holding onto clothing. Which my girls keep reminding me. They finally talked me into putting alot of my old clothes into the yard sale. It sold FAST. So I smugly told them that evidently I had good taste even if it was out of fashion. :rofl: