We make a choice to let our mind go crazy. Or not.


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Since I posted the wrong video, I will try to explain what I learned that helps me calm and quiet my normally busy, anxiety producing mind. It has worked wonders and is inspired by Tolle. It is not hard to do, but requires practice and determination and the desire to stop worrying.

It is sort of living in your higher, wiser consciousness instead of your busy, nervous, talky ego. All of us do have higher wisdom but most of us dont use it. I wasnt even aware of this higher wisdom. Now I do use God as a way of quieting my chatty mind so I will be using God as relevant to me, but you can use a quiet pond or the sun or anything and still quiet your mind.

I was shocked to read that we CHOOSE to ALLOW our mind chatter away usually about the negative. We choose to let the mind bombard us with horror stories about what has or may happen to our difficult.kids. it tortures us by telling us what others think badly of us, what we feel we did wrong, what we may do wrong, how much we have to get done, how lonely we are, how inept we are, how people are so wrong to us, fill in the blanks for all the negativiity our mind yaps at us. It is relentless with no boundaries. If it isnt telling us what to worry about or how bad we are, then it is telling us how rotten or stupid or wrong somebody else is. How is all this good for us? Sure our mind gives us some good thoughts but the lower ego mi d mostly focuses on the bad of ourselves, gloom and doom, and the wrongness of others. It is not positive. Our wiser, quiter self is who we really are.....calm and kind. Focused on NOW. Freeing us to love nature, wildlife, the world's beauty, hope and blessings and if we believe...I feel the Divineness around me. The God energy.

Why do we allow our lower mind to chatter? Can we stop it?

YES!!! It is OUR mind and we can shut up the constant stream of thoughts that hurt us or scare us or sadden us or hate on others.

I am not an expert...I am a learner.... so I can only give you my ways I have been dealing with my mind, but it has brought me a crazy stillness, the ability to be at total peace a lot of the time, which is NOT the way I have been in the past. It has proven ti me tjat indeed I control the thoughts I allow to come through. I will try to explain what has worked for me.

Besides guided meditation and yoga, I needed to learn to still my mind during the day when I could.not meditate or do yoga. So I started other methods to still my chatty mind. When it starts to talk at me, I mindfully, willfully remind myself that its its up to me if my mind chatters on or quiets. Then I deliberately breathe very slowly, in through my nose count of four and out through my mouth count of four (this is how you are supposed to breathe for calmness). I try to melt the muscles in my body and then start chanting over the lower self words that belittle myself, others, or scare me.

I say out loud if I can "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. There is only now." Our mind focuses mostly on the past and future. I want to be in the Now. So I remind myself that the past is gone and the future is not here. The only true reality is NOW.

My mantras dont cause me any pain and actually calm me. If I am in the car I chant them out loud and find I cant say my mantra and think, or even think of a mantra and have my mind go wacky. I think my mantra as I shop or anm at a restaurant, around others. Both out loud and to myself, the mantra doesnt allow the lower, bad thoughts to disturb me. My anxiety level plummets.

My mantras are things like "God is with me" "Stillness is Peace" and "I Am My Higher Self." I just say or think it with quiet in between each time I end and then start again.

I keep repeating and go calm. I shut down the mind. I can. I am in chargeof my own mind. We all are. Try it, even if you believe your mind controls you. It can not unless you let it!!

E Tolle has other ways he talks about to calm the mind. Check out his videos. My way is but one method. I use a few others too.

We are in charge of what we think. We can control our busy thoughts and not think so much or just see a thought from a distance, as if we were just an observer. We dont have to suffer.

My mission is to let go of my lower mind and enjoy the best years of my life with quiet and peace. I will not let my mind get in the way any longer.


Wow. That was hard. I hope you understood and that it helps somebody else too. We CAN train ourselves not to have bad thoughts. It is worthwhile to figure out how to control the ego mind.

With rhis new peace I find more happiness too and it comes from within me, not because of anyone else.

We can do this!!!;

Do go to youtube and check out videos about quieting the mind by those much more articulate than me. I like E Tolle. You may like somebody else.

Love to all.
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Really enjoyed what you said here. Thank you. I bough one of Tolle’s books years ago and for some reason it didn’t resonate with me.
I will re-explore.
I have found myself in a more mindful mode with various things lately. Just sort of a quiet, gentle and peaceful self control.
It really is a willful thing.
I will look at you tube.
It is amazing how many interesting things can be found there.


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Thank you for sharing this!!! I am definitely going to give this a try. I have been worrying about things so much that it take a toll on me. I am looking for peace and calmness. Thanks again!