COBRA question


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Well, the university has done it again. husband was a grad student. We had grad student ins with an upgrade we paid for. husband graduated in May. Coverage was paid through august. never could get a date that coverage ended and never could get COBRA info.

Now Univ is saying that we missed the cobra date and get get it. They did not send out info to us on cobra. I called many times, so did husband. We also went to the ins office at the univ and got a "brochure" that did not mention cobra in any way at all.

We missed the date by 10 days. but we NEVER were notified of the date. The company that carries the policy admitted that the Univ did NOT send out brochures about continuing coverage to all grad seniors and grad students.

We have not changed addresses or any other info. not even email. There was no info on husband's campus email (active for 1 year after grad).

What exactly do I need to do to make them extend cobra? with-o a group policy from an employer I cannot get health ins. Too many health problems and surgeries.




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whew this is a hard one, as I really didn't deal much with Cobra as an RN. Just know that most employer group cobra eligibility was 60 days to respond, then 90 days to get first payment in. (or may be the other way around in terms of time limits). I think at this point you might want to contact a student advocate/ombudsman if available at the university. I hope you noted each date and who you spoke with each time you called.......hard to remember to do but oh so important in these cases. The other thing I see here is that if you were paid thru August, that should not be considered under Cobra, as by federal law they have to allow you up to 18 months Cobra coverage, so in my opinion you have NOT missed the deadline!!! It has just started the eligibility period in my mind. I would call back to the carrier who you were under, ask them how your coverage was listed, as family group or Cobra and then let me know. I also want to make some calls to friends still in the business.BLUE