Cognitive Decline

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    I wasn't sure to post this here or at WC but it is definitely related to health so I chose here.

    I have been in perimenopause for many years. During my years of infertility I had many tests and procedures which determined that my FSH and estrogen were swinging back and forth as early as my late 20s. By the time I was in my mid 30s my egg supply was depleted.

    Anyway, getting to the point. I have been experiencing declining hormones and perimenopause for many years. Finally at 46 I am totally menopausal. What I am concerned about is my declining mental and cognitive function. My brain feels about 10-15 years older than what it is. I forget words that I need to use in a sentence, names escape me, I forget if I just put my keys in my purse etc.

    This is possibly related to the early decline of estrogen. Also, it could be the result of many years of increased levels of stress (won't go into it, but like many of y ou have experienced a difficult stretch of life). Lastly, I'm wondering if it could be related to my 10 years of using SSRIs. Also, I take 1 mg of lorazypam at night to help sleep otherwise anxiety causes insomnia. I'm tempted to go off the l just to see if that helps and hope the anxiety/insomnia will be more manageable now.

    If anyone has any thoughts as to what may be causing my early dementia please let me know. It's really very scary. I have a lot of years left to work before my brain can go on permanent vacation.

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    I've been posting here about some discoveries I have made that have helped me in this area. I take a medication for migraine prevention that was causing me to have problems with my memory. In addition, I'm in menopause, and this is also a problem.

    Several things have helped me. Probably the top helpers are: The B Vitamins, exercise and doing my best to get regular sleep.

    In addition, I take supplements that seem to help.

    Two good vitamin web sites: and
    another one called Life Extention make really good combination mix vitamins that might help with cognitive concerns.

    Look for this ingredient: phosphatidyserine. It is said to really help early dementia and provides overall help with memory issues.

    In addition, you might want to read up on Bioidenticall Hormones (lots of good books at the library right now) and ask your Dr. if this might be a possibility for you.
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    I understood these kinds of cognitive issues to be, not only directly related to menopause, but temporary.

    On a thread here on this site, we were comparing symptoms, and the using the wrong word symptom was a pretty frequent complaint for most of us.

    It even has a name ~ brain farts.


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    As the above posters have stated, some of your symtoms could be attributable to menapause (I'm in peri right now) and there are things that can help.

    However, please don't discount talking to your doctor. I would start there.

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    Sometimes I have trouble with my short-term memory, or I mix two-word combinations up. I am in perimenopause and have MS, so it's hard to say if it's from one or the other or both.....probably both.

    Anyway, if I'm not uptight about it and try to laugh about it, it helps ease the tension of the problem. Maybe in some cases it drives husband crazy, i.e. phone rings, he answers it, talks briefly and hangs up. I ask who called. He tells me. A minute later I ask the same thing. I know that the phone rang and he talked to someone, but I can't remember his answer as to whom. Sometimes I have to ask 3-4 times.

    I read that it's helpful to prevent dementia by keeping your mind active with things that make you use your brain like crossword puzzles. I like to watch the TV program Cash Cab. If you haven't seen it, it's a TV game show that takes place inside a real taxi cab in NY. The people who get into the cab have no idea it's a game show. They are asked questions and have 5 seconds to answer. It's fun to try to guess the answers and really gets your brain going.

    Anyway, hopefully this is just a temporary thing you are going through. Maybe talking with your dr. would be best.

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    Topomax can cause fogginess and forgetfulness. I had a dr appointment yesterday and he offered me a scrip for migraine prevention. I asked about the side effects and the first thing he said was "brain fuzziness." NO WAY! I said. I'm hypoglycemic and I'm way too fuzzy as it is! Plus, I'm still in perimenopause.
    I agree with-the above suggestions ... lots of Vit B, lots of exercise. Oh, I take flax seed pills too.
    You also may want to try Estroven. They have B in them, plus soy, which is an estrogen mimicker.