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I know difficult child spends most of his time playing this online game RuneScape. I know there are kids all over the world that play. Anyone's difficult child play? Just wondering because he says he talks to kids from all over.


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There are tons of kids that difficult child knows who play it but he says it's boring. I am pretty sure too that it is a first-person game and we have stopped difficult child from playing them because we notice it sets his Tourettes off big time!

Quite the popular game with the kids here though.


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My kids play it and I have been lax about knowing exactly what it is. Are they able to talk to strangers? I thought it was just friends that signed on to play with- them.


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With my difficult child it's World of Warcraft. Our computer is right in the living room, so I'm usually no more than 10 feet away when he plays. At times I'll just read over his shoulder to see what they're saying to each other. I've always stressed how important it is to keep identifying stuff secret and so far so good, but next year high school starts so things might change. I have told him he goes on nothing unless I know his passwords, and that I'll be checking up on anything he does on the computer that's public like WoW, probably even email etc., so I think we won't have a problem (crossing fingers). Who knows what he does if I fall asleep when he's still on there :crazy:, but so far he's never lied to me.


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Just took a look at the's not first person so now you have me curious why difficult child doesn't play it, I'll have to ask him when he gets home...

'Chelle - my husband plays WoW, loves, loves, loves it! difficult child tried it but it was way over his head.


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difficult child plays Runescape. I guess I should say did, I bought him the new xbox 360 for his birthday end of March and he nearly never signs on to his computer to even IM friends, let alone play Runescape.
I had purchased difficult child a 3 month subscription to be a full member on Runescape, as well as for my cousins' son for Christmas. They both said it is well worth the money to pay to be a full member.
I wasnt' worried about difficult child giving out personal info to other players at all, he is pretty computer savvy and knows how to stay safe on the net. He's very good about it, thankfully.
There is a parents information section on the Runescape site to help parents understand the game and the personal interactions and the safety procedures they have put into place etc.


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According to my easy child they can chat with anyone who is playing but the language is screened as it's posted. In looking around it looks like there are also side chatrooms which he's never mentioned nor have I noticed him using. Our computer is in the kitchen so I usually get wind of whatever is going on unless someone sneaks when I'm away.

Here are some parent reviews:

I'm a stinker about not letting my kids into this kind of stuff too early--difficult child I expect will be highly addictive when his turn comes.


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My son plays World of Warcraft. He has played Runescape in the past but seem to like WoW the best.

He has a headset with a microphone that he uses to talk live to the kids (and adults) he is playing with. I as well don't worry too much because he also is computer savvy enough to not give out any info.