Confirmed Sinus Infection

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Which explains why manster's coping skills were down. He's already starting to feel better after 1 day on the antib (though I HATE that he has to take them).

    Anyway, I see the psychiatrist tomorrow and plan to ask for her to start whatever paperwork is necessary to request further testing. I really want to know if I'm dealing with neurological, brain chemicals, both or neither (unlikely). The reason I want to know is so that I can ensure I am doing every right thing to support him. I want people to cut him some slack if he presents differently or strange. I want to be able to say to the TKD master "he's autistic so stop expecting him to act like the perfect soldier all the time (Sure, maybe TKD is just not for him but still, you get the point).

    Also, I was wondering if I scanned the report from the autism research clinic from 2 years ago would anyone here with lots of experience be willing to read it (I would white out the personal identification stuff). Maybe this is too much to ask so I apologize if it is.

    After several years of mis diagnosis and research I believe it's AS and that most of the moodiness stems from that one diagnosis. But I would like it confirmed by someone other than Dr. Mom who has her degree from the school of hard knocks :)

    I wonder if there is a thread in the archives about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) spectrum vs. bipolar spectrum because it is such a common thread here. I sometimes think it's all a mental health spectrum but I understand from the wise ladies here that they are truly different and require different approaches, even though it is common to have both.

    I'm just grateful that my son is happy today and starting to feel better.

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    No advice- sorry- I just wanted to send HUGS and support. It sounds like things have been rocky lately for you and difficult child. I don't know anything about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), but others here can help with that. I have noticed myself that a lot of us here are noticing the same kind of issues with our kids- maybe there is just a slight difference between the causes and what is effective treatment, I don't know. But, I share your frustration. Hang in there....
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    Glad he's on his way to feeling better.

    Wish I could help on the other front... good luck!