Cool ph survey with-Chicago U on adoption

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    I was/am part of a phone survey on adoption and I think it concluded today. One of the schools at the U of Chicago got a private grant, and in conjunction with-CDC, is conducting nationwide phone surveys of adoptive parents. I'm not sure how I got on the list, but this is about the 3rd time they've called in 3 yrs, ea time, gathering updated info.
    It was a 1/2 hr survey and very, very detailed. I was amazed. For ea question, it opens up another tier of questions in the same vein, so for ex., if you answer "domestic adoption" they then ask whether your decision was influenced by $, distance, speed of processing, etc. They asked a lot of questions about Medicaid. And they asked mental health and regular health care Q and how they were pd for.
    The results won't be available online for about a yr. but I'll let you know when it's up.
    In the meantime, they're mailing me a check for $25 for participating. When the surveyor validated my mailing address, I said, "Whoah, whoa whoah--didn't you say this was CDC? You're not mailing me a check from my own tax dollars are you?"
    Luckily she had a sense of humor and explained about the grant.
    It was nice to hear a Midwest accent again. :)
    Anybody here get one of those calls?
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    Nope not me. But then again, we adopted out of foster care. Wonder if that made a difference?
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    No, one of the questions was how old the child was and whether it was a private adoption or agency adoption. They also asked if I had been dissuaded from going through foster care, to which I offered an emphatic "Yes!"
    She didn't ask why, it was merely a keystroke on her end, but yrs ago, our foster care system was horrid and when we asked for a mixed race boy they refused us, because we're white. We wrote a ltr to the editor and complained to the gov. and raised a stink, and it was the same yr that Pres Clinton took away a % of funding for foster systems that refused transracial adoptions.
    You didn't need to read all that ... I guess it still bothers me after all this time, heh heh.